Juvederm for Lines Caused by Sleeping on my Side

I have relatively deep lines on either side of my nose that I believe are caused by sleeping on my side. Would you recommend juvederm for this? Or something else? I have tried to capture one of the lines in this photo to show where I am talking about. These were not caused by expressions.

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Lines from sleeping on face

Fillers can definitely help smooth away these lines, but the first thing you should probably do is to change your sleeping position. See if this helps first.

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Juvederm and line

Line filling is not what Juvederm is all about. It is best to augment depressed areas for volume.  As for some lines, if they are animation lines, Botox may be better.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm is a great product and can be used for all kinds of lines

Juvederm is a great product and can be used for all kinds of lines.  Look for a doctor that specializes in injectables and discuss these lines with them.

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Smile creases vs. sleep creases

The crease from the nostril of the nose to the side of the lower chin is called the smile crease, nasolabial or meilolabial crease and is not thought to be related to sleeping on that side.  As we age there is loss of collagen and fat in the mid cheek and this can cause a lack of support for the lower cheek which falls down and creates a shelf at the smile fold. Fillers into this are are used primarily to treat this area.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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