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Juvederm 24 Injected in Lips and Still There After 3 Years

Dear doctors, i had my lips injected with juvederm 24 when i was 23, the doctor told me that it will go away within a year max but its been 3 years... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect After Juvederm? How Long Will This Last or is It Something

I received juvederm in my tear trough 2.5 yrs ago. Trying to be patient and allow for product to diminish, as I immediately had this problem but was... READ MORE

Juvederm Will Not Dissolve. Swollen and Puffy, What Can I Do?

Hello, I had juvederm injected in my top lip over 2.5 years ago. It has completely dissolved from my lip, however, it is now above my lip. Making it... READ MORE

Little Hole in the Lips After Juvederm Injections

Hi everybody I had juvederm injection 3 years ago in the upper lips . I had 2 vials just in the upper lips while my lips were ok. After the injection... READ MORE

Will Abnormal Swelling Above Lip from Juvederm Go Away After Three Years?

Three years ago, a dermatologist injected Juvederm into my upper lip lines. The area above the lip swelled up and it looked really weird. I went back... READ MORE

Juvederm Injections for Sunken Smile Lines. Concerns About Further Stretching?

I'm 40 years old. Even though I have avoided the sun and have nice skin; I began developing the dreaded sunken smile lines. I've had annual... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of my Asymmetric Cheeks?

Hi. I had juweederm injection on my cheeks 3 years ago which ended up with bump on my right cheek and having asymmetric cheeks. and now after 3 years... READ MORE

Still Have Juverderm After 3 Years & 4 Treatments W/ Hylauronidase, Why?

A dermotologist overfilled one side of my nasolabial fold & also the corners of my mouth. I have waited 3 years for the Juvederm to dissolve and... READ MORE

3 years ago I got my first injection of Juvederm. This bump has been on my lip sense. (Photo)

Since then I have been using a different doctor for my juvederm and Botox and she thinks it's scar tissue. Can this be fixed or will it eventually get... READ MORE

I had juvederm filler put in my upper lip two and half years ago, I have blister like bumps?

I had juvederm filler put in my upper lip two and half years ago. I did not like it and figured it would go away in about a year. I have several... READ MORE

How to correct bad Juverderm injections over 3 years ago? (Photo)

I am usually pretty intelligent until a momentary lapse In Judgement resulted in me agreeing that my dentist fill the hollows of my eyes, laugh lines... READ MORE

Will my nose ever return to the way it was prior to Juvederm? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected into the bridge of my nose almost 3 years ago. I did not like the results but was told that it wouldn't last more than a year.... READ MORE

Juvederm lip filler bumps after 3 years? (Photo)

Hi, I had lip fillers, Juverderm plus, injected three years ago and developed bumps on the site of the injection. I thought the bumps will go away... READ MORE

Does Juvederm remain after 3 years in under eye area? Could it be causing darkness there? Would Hyaluronidase help or worsen?

I had a treatment and the woman treating me asked if I'd had filler in my tear troughs. I had J in Dec 13. She said it was causing darkness and... READ MORE

How is it that Juvederm has been in my nose for 3 years?

Hi, I had juvaderm non surgical rhinoplasty over 3 years ago yet my nose is still obviously wider than my nose prior to juvaderm. IT is not as wide as... READ MORE

My nose and chin suddenly swells up 3 years after juvederm. Could it be the cause of my swelling?

Juvaderm swelling after 3 years. Happened twice when i was sick and taking medications poro paracetamol and amoxicap antibiotics. Are juvaderm having... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Juvederm side effects in mouth (Photo)

About 3 years ago I get my mouth filled up with juvederm. But humps are still in. What should I do with them? Cut it out? Keep it in? Normally it cant... READ MORE

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