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Can IPL Remove or Thin out Facial Hair?

I've had trouble shaving for years, and it's very painful for me. I also have very sensitive skin and after I shave my face is red, blotchy, and in... READ MORE

Best Melasma, Redness and Large Pores Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

I am 33 years old, and have sensitive skin (i.e. I don't respond well to glycolic acid). My cocerns are: slight browness/possible melasma on my... READ MORE

IPL or Laser Treatments for Rosacea Treatment?

I have rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. Which would be better, IPL or laser treatments? A bad experience with IPL on my chest left welts under... READ MORE

How long for a broken capillary to disappear/fade after IPL? (I'm on day 5)

I had IPL done on a broken capillary on my cheekbone/under eye. The swelling and extra redness has now gone and the capillary looks just the same as... READ MORE

IPL damaged my skin barrier. What can I do to heal and protect my skin?

I had IPL 5 months ago. Since then my skin has been dehydrated and sensitive to everything except for epiceram. I need to find a sunscreen that my... READ MORE

What Am I Supposed to Do? Sensitive Skin, Had IPL Using Diode System on Armpits and Got Burned? (photo)

I have a very sensitive skin... I underwent IPL using Diode system in my armpits and I got burned.. she set it on 27.. I am scared that the burns will... READ MORE

Burns on face from ipl. In the first picture you can clearly see the burns on one side of cheek. How can I fix this? (Photo)

I have recently had an IPL treatment and received some burns that don't sting or are painful but are vary visible. Is there away of getting rid of... READ MORE

How long will my skin be sensitive after IPL?

I had IPL on my Asian skin. It had a lot of pigment that lifted off my face. My skin looks healed, but my right cheek and part of my chin is super... READ MORE

Are itchy pimple-like bumps normal after IPL for Rosacea?

I had my first IPL 3 days ago to treat Rosacea. Last night I started noticing some itchy bumps/pimples appearing around my face. Last night I also... READ MORE

I had 2 IPl treatments from a board certified Dermatologist. My skin on my nose has been very sensitive & dry 3 months later?

August 15 was the first- second was in September. The first was fine,second I noticed when I got out of the shower to apply sunscreen my face burned.... READ MORE

Sensitive and Freckle prone skin after laser?

I've been wanting to do a freckle/sun spot removal treatment on my arms, chest and upper back. I was thinking IPL as it covers a larger area and I... READ MORE

I'm 34 years old. I want to have ipl treatments for hair removal and the peels for better skin?

I am worried to go through with it because i have sensitive skin and slight dermatitis.i suffer from epilepsy too,would it be safe for me to go... READ MORE

IPL or Genesis: Which is safer? I have sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

For mild redness and acne scarring from prior (teenage) acne. I have sensitive skin, prone to irritation. I had IPL 5 years ago. It's safe and... READ MORE

Can Pca peels make your skin thinner and worse down the road? (photo)

Last year in September I started doing chemical peels with IPL laser for my dark/sun spots .I did at least 6 chemical peels until this March and 3 IPL... READ MORE

Is IPL (ellipse) a good alternative for red post-acne marks? (photos)

I have eaten Isotretenoin against acne and it has given a good effect. (5 months ago) Now I have red / pink marks left on my cheeks. I'd love to get... READ MORE

I'm having an IPL facial and dermapen treatment on the same day one right after the other. Is this safe?

Is it common practice to have both procedures done on the same day? The PA reassured me this was common and the numbing cream will already be on my... READ MORE

I am prone to hypertrophic scars. Am I good candidate for IPL?

I have sun spots, freckles, and acne scars so I would like to do an IPL treatment on my face. However, I have sensitive skin and I am very prone to... READ MORE

Effect of IPL on Aboriginal Skin?

I have Rosacea, dry, sensitive skin, with acne scars, and I break out some. I've seen a dermatologist, and he recommended IPL. I am scared to have... READ MORE

I am suffering from rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. Is IPL safe for sensitive skin?

I have undergone my first IPL session and it is 5 days now. My skin gets red/bit purple even if it encounters slight sunlight .Is the sensitivity has... READ MORE

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