Can IPL Remove or Thin out Facial Hair?

I've had trouble shaving for years, and it's very painful for me. I also have very sensitive skin and after I shave my face is red, blotchy, and in pain. I would like to thin the hair on my face, and make it less painful to shave, and perhaps reduce the frequency of it. I would like to try IPL treatment, but don't know if I should. Would it have any effect on my facial hair? Could it reduce it in any way what so ever?

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IPL for hair removal on face

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While IPL can be used to reduce the amount of hair on the face, it is certainly not the optimal treatment. You should be looking for a true laser for laser hair removal such as a Nd:Yag or Diode laser which are much more effective and safer.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Yes IPL works for this

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This might be the ideal solution for you. This actually is a complication when treating males with IPL's for other reasons. Some men do not like the decrease in their facial hair.

You can titrate the amount of treatments your goal. Unlike females who prefer all their hair to be removed, you should need less treatments.

The fairer your skin and darker your hair the more effective the treatment. The light of the IPL or laser is attracted to the pigment of the hair shaft. The more pigment you have, the more the light will be absorbed.

Having fair skin means that the energy level can be turned up higher without your being burnt ( there is less epidermal or surface pigment to absorb the light. However, you should be careful and chose your physician carefully. Two of my patients suffered burns and one a subsequent scar, at one of the so-called medi-spa chains following IPL hair removal.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

IPL and facial hair

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 If you have fair skin and dark facial hair, an IPL laser will act similarly to laser hair removal and you will have less hair to shave.

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