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Is IPL Treatment Combined with Radio Frequency Safe?and when Do I Have to Shave?

In my second hair removal session I was informed that the clinical will upgrade its IPL machine and start using another that combines IPL and RF.... READ MORE

5 months post op IPL and Fat Loss. Can it, or is this Radio frequency?

Between Feb and April 2014 I had 3 sessions of IPL done on my face for rosacea & capillaries. According to my aesthetician IPL has no radiofrequency... READ MORE

Need solutions for facial wrinkles, fairly sagging skin and acne pits without going under knife. (Photo)

I am 37 and I have very deeper wrinkles around sides of my mouth and deeper lines between eyebrow. Also I have so many acne scars and pits on my face... READ MORE

Is it safe for patient with Lupus to take radio frequency treatment for face?

The treatment is called Face Tite and it is based on radiofrecvency that warms the skin. READ MORE

How Safe ALA-PDT+IPL Post Radiotherapy?

Proposed treatment for AK 2.5yr post head/neck radiotherap fractionated dose 64Gytotal ;piloseb unit assessed as ok but drierskinPilosebaceous unit... READ MORE

Elight (IPL + RF) vs IPL alone. Can I adjust the elight setting to do more IPL and less RF? (Photo)

Is it the watt or the joules per spot determine the strength? If I am 43 years old and have stubborn age spots, freckles and some fine lines with a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment gel to use for IPL, and for IPL with RF?

What type of treatment gels are suitable for (a) IPL (b) IPL with RF (c) microcurrent (d) radiofrequency (RF) only (e) An all round gel? Are there... READ MORE

IPL and RF combined

I recently did a treatment of IPL and I did a radiofrequency treatment. I'm only 20, and I did these treatments to help my hyperpigmentation. Although... READ MORE

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