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Little Bumps All over Face After IPL Treatment

I have tiny little bumps all over my face after receiving my first IPL treatment almost a week ago. It's more severe on the forehead area. It... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps on my legs after IPL. Is there any way this can be improved? (photos)

Hi ive just done my 3rd treatment on my lower legs 2 days ago, and now my whole legs are covered on red itchy bumps, similar to rash. im afraid they... READ MORE

IPL For Sun Freckles on Chest and Back Made Me Red and Extremely Itchy

I itch severely. I bought some anti itch cortisone and some topical that kills staph so it doesnt get infected. At what point should I go to my... READ MORE

Blisters After IPL

I had my ipl treatment for acne freckles on my back 6 days ago. First 2 days I didn't noticed any redness, but 3rd day skin was covered with red itchy... READ MORE

I Got Burnt from IPL and I Don't Know the Proper Way to Apply the Cream, Help?

I am middle eastern with light olive skin, however, I have darker skin in areas like underarms and bikini. I get full-body IPL & it was my 6th... READ MORE

A lot redness caused by not applying cool gel before IPL. Will my skin recover?

I had IPL facial every month, and each time I had cool gel to apply before IPL and face looked normal after treatment. But this time the lady forget... READ MORE

Am I still suitable for IPL after experiencing a heat rash? (photos)

My 1st session went well and I saw improvement on my skin. Right after my 2nd session, my face was itchy and burning, at night it started appearing... READ MORE

Are itchy pimple-like bumps normal after IPL for Rosacea?

I had my first IPL 3 days ago to treat Rosacea. Last night I started noticing some itchy bumps/pimples appearing around my face. Last night I also... READ MORE

Swollen itchy burns on my legs after my first IPL treatment? (photos)

Immediately after my first ipl laser hair removal treatment, burns statred appearing on my legs where the doctor had started initiating the laser,... READ MORE

What is this? (Photos)

This has been on my leg for about 4-5 months now. It itches very badly. New spots appear while the old ones start to heal. Itching obviously... READ MORE

How Can You Help Skin Damaged from an Ipl Laser?

Dec 1st i had an IPL photo facial the derm i was seeing told me i should get 4 treatments in total! so i took his advice! the first two treatments i... READ MORE

2 days post op Second IPL treatment on my lower legs. I got an extremely itchy rash/bumps. Any suggestions?

I am taking Xergic tablet once a day which helped with the itchiness slightly. I am putting on aloe vera and Soov cream on legs as well. Today it is... READ MORE

Eye Problems Since Treatments on 1/18 (BBL, Thermage & MLP. Did Wear Eye Protection (Looked Like Eye Goggles for Tanning)?

The day after procedures, my eyes felt dry, as did my sinuses. My eyes continue to be dry & itchy. My vision is sometimes blurred or double vision... READ MORE

Why are my legs still itchy 2 weeks after my 2nd session of IPL for hair removal? (photos)

I went to my 2nd session of IPL for hair removal. After, my legs were extremely itchy, and had small red bumps. They told me it was because I had... READ MORE

Rash happens after IPL for a second time, what should I do?

Last month I did an IPL treatment and the result is awesome! My skin was so bright and less pimples in my face so I decided to do it again in this... READ MORE

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