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Can IPL Cause Fat Loss if Used Undereyes?

I had one IPL treatment a couple days ago to treat undereye dark circles, procedure took 30 seconds. Now I am finding a bunch of reviews over the... READ MORE

Why Are So Many Complaining of Fat Loss with IPL? I Had 2 Sessions and I Am So Scared !

I don't have fat loss at this moment but I am so worried because of all the posts I have read about this! I had one session 7 weeks ago and the... READ MORE

If IPL Does Not Cause Fat Loss What are the Indents and Sinking Caused by?

Two months out have pictures that show the lines and indents. Had three treatments on the fourth turned it up caused burns close to blisters on checks... READ MORE

IPL Photofacial Safe?

I just got my first treatment of an IPL photofacial. So far my skin looks healthier and more even toned. I am 25 years old and for the most part my... READ MORE

Is IPL with RF Powerful Enough to Melt Fat?

The more research I do on IPL, the more I see doctors that post and promote their practice stating the ipl does melt fat and can tighten skin. I see... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Pad and All Fat Pads in my Face Were Damamged by 12 IPL Laser Treatments, Will The Fat Come Back?

I was told by a plastic surgeon that there is a chance that my buccal fat pads and other facial padding can regenerate after 2 years if they were... READ MORE

I Had IPL and a Month Later Indentations Around my Eyes That Weren't There Before-can It Grow Back?

I am afraid IPL caused fat loss under my eyes. At The top of my cheeks where they meet the bottom of my undereye area there is a groove that I never... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause Fat Loss?

I've been reading about IPL treatment and Fat loss. I just had the procedure done. How long after IPL did you notice fat loss? READ MORE

5 months post op IPL and Fat Loss. Can it, or is this Radio frequency?

Between Feb and April 2014 I had 3 sessions of IPL done on my face for rosacea & capillaries. According to my aesthetician IPL has no radiofrequency... READ MORE

What is the Science behind the argument that IPL does not cause fat loss?

I suffer from rosacea and between Feb and April 2014 I had 3 IPL treatments to reduce redness, treat broken capillaries, and reduce pustules. Since... READ MORE

IPL and fat loss? People have stated their face has lost volume because of this procedure, even years later. Is this likely?

Hi. I have just had an my first IPL and am terrified after reading some posts about 'fat loss'. I had no pain or discomfort after the session and my... READ MORE

Can IPL treatment cause a person to lose fat on their face?

I had an IPL treatment 3 years ago. The treatment was excruciatingly painful. I think the setting was too high. Two weeks after the treatment, I got... READ MORE

Had IPL laser under my eyes. Now I have eye bags, damaged tear trough and fat loss which gave me lots of fine lines. Help?

What can i do to help repair these issues its been a year ive tryed so many things one doctor says it probably permanent im so sad i cant except that! READ MORE

Does IPL BBL cause fat loss under the skin?

All I see online are fat loss horror stories from ipl bbl. Is it a myth or should I be concerned? READ MORE

IPL, fat loss and aging?

Hello, I have rosacea which isn't startlingly bad but enough for me to be very self conscious. I had a test patch a few days ago and due to have my... READ MORE

Ipl Fat Atrophy? (photo)

Hello i am in deep depression. elos epilation on face cause fat atrophy wrinkling and atrophic stretch marks . the situation become worser. Please... READ MORE

Dents in cheeks after IPL 3 weeks ago. Is it fat loss?

I had an ipl treatment 3 weeks ago ( all together 6 treatment in a past year) and now i am seeing a slight dents just below my right cheek ! Looks... READ MORE

I have a line dent in my forehead after Ipl and radio frequency. Is this fat loss due to the treatment?

Hi there, I used ipl combined with raidofrequency. Two months later I have a line dent in my forehead is this fat loss due to the ipl/rf treatment?... READ MORE

Can IPL pigmentation cause fat loss in face?

Hi I had my first IPL yesterday for pigmentation on my face and there seems to be lots on the internet suggesting it can cause fat loss and I'm... READ MORE

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