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Fraxel Vs IPL for Fine Lines Around the Eyes?

Is IPL or Fraxel laser better for reducing fine lines and eye wrinkles? READ MORE

Is Eye Protection Necessary for an IPL Treatment?

I have been told that IPL is not a true laser. If eye protection is necessary, how can I be sure that it is applied properly and fits my eyes correctly? READ MORE

IPL for Veins Around Eyes?

Just some background on the eyes: They were perfectly fine until 2006 Sept. when I started to develop very faint dark circles underneath my eyes. My... READ MORE

Appropriate Eye Protection for IPL?

What constitutes appropriate eye protection for IPL? I had my first IPL treatment a few days ago. I was given what looked like plastic... READ MORE

I've Just Accidentally Discharged a Home IPL Device into my Open Eyes, from a Distance of About 10cm. Worried!

I've just accidentally discharged a home IPL device into my open eyes, from a distance of about 10cm. The safety device on the machine was meant... READ MORE

Is IPL a Good Solution for Dark Circles in a Young Olive Complexion, Bi-racial (Black & Asian) Woman?

I am bi-racial (Black & Asian) and have had darck purple-ish circles under my eyes since I was a teen. I have a medium olive complexion. Would I... READ MORE

Severe Swelling After IPL Treatment

I had one ipl treatment and have severe swelling my eye area wasnt treated, yet my eyes are almost swollen shut after 3 days READ MORE

IPL Burn or Bruise? Treated For Minimal Spider Veins and Hormonal Dark Spots.

Treated yesterday for minimal spider veins and hormonal dark spots. Today my eyes are swollen almost shut and have large silver dollar sized burns or... READ MORE

Photosensitivity After IPL Treatment?

I had an IPL treatment for a mole on my nose. I wore protective goggles and closed my eyes, but I could still see the flash from the light. Is that... READ MORE

As a Therapist That Does IPL on Clients, Will It Harm or Cause Damage to my Eyes?

I am a therapist that does IPL treatments, and i treat about 20 clietns per day maybe more, i have a pair of googles that i wear but they are lighter... READ MORE

Blacked out Plastic Goggles As Safe As Metal Goggles for IPL Facial Treatments?

Hi. I meant to ask this in a previous question but forgot. I had an IPL (Palomar Starlux) treatment on my face. They provided me with blacked out... READ MORE

What would be the best way for me to get rid of hereditary dark circles? (photo)

I have had dark circles for as long as I can remember. (20+ years). I've tried many different things over the years and nothing has helped. I've been... READ MORE

Is it safe to have IPL treatment close to the eyes to get rid of broken capillaries?

I have some capillaries on the top, bottom and middle of my nose and also on my cheek and am hoping to get them removed. My question is an... READ MORE

Is it dangerous for the eyes to use use IPL PHLIPS LUMEA at home? (photo)

I want to ask , i have IPL PHLIPS LUMEA for home use ,if is it dangerous for eyes without glasses and safety for skin cancer?Thank you. READ MORE

New wrinkles around eyes and cheeks after IPL swelling goes down. What are my options?

I'm 55 and both times I have had IPL I have gotten terrible swelling around my eyes and on the cheeks.Four days later the swelling has gone down but I... READ MORE

What kind of damage can be caused to my eyes from no goggles during IPL Laser treatment?

I got my first IPL Lazer treatment today. She did not give me goggles. It was painful I noticed my eyes opening a little with the pulses. READ MORE

I am 45 and have had IPL treatments in the past without any issue until now... I had a treatment on October.

I woke up SUnday (2 days late) and my eyes were swollen. its been 2 weeks and i am still swelling. I've gone to the ER because i was so concerned they... READ MORE

Saw a flash of laser through an open window while laser epilation was being performed. Should I be concerned about my eyes?

I was looking directly into the room where the laser or IPL was being used and stared into that one flash as a previous flash of light made me turn my... READ MORE

Can IPL laser damage the eyes?

I had IPL done about two years ago and the technician picked up the goggles and used the laser all over my eyelids. The goggles where there to protect... READ MORE

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