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Two IPL Treatments Instead of 4 to 5?

I consulted with a dermatologist about IPL treatment to remove age spots or sun discoloration on my face, chest, and hands. He recommends only 2... READ MORE

Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) for Hair Removal AND Skin Pigmentation?

I have been getting IPL treatment for hair removal each month on my whole face cheeks, with great results. the last time I went, a new lady performed... READ MORE

Can Skin Discolored by IPL Treatment Be Corrected?

After several chemical peels done on my back, there was an obvious big patch of uneven brown color on my skin. I was advised to go for IPL treatment... READ MORE

Should I Proceed with my 3rd IPL Treatment Even Though my Results Are Very Poor So Far? (photo)

I had 2 IPL treatments (Triniti series). I had sun spots I wanted to get rid of & was told Triniti would be a good fit for my age (40) . It would... READ MORE

Patchy Skin!! Best Treatment for Even Skin Colour

I had ipl 6months back and had burns which resulted in pigmentation , as off now my skin has healed and is back to normal 70% but what can i do to get... READ MORE

Blisters After IPL/Broad Band Light on Arms?

I had IPL/Broad Band Light on my arms 9 days ago. My arms were very red and proceeded to blister about 3 hours later. My laser tech told me to put... READ MORE

Will I Be Permanently Discolored and Can I Ask for my Money Back? (photo)

I had 2 Triniti series IPL treatments (3 laser treatments in 1) but did not complete the matrix 2nd time as it was too painful/hot. Both times I was... READ MORE

Discoloration and two brown spots after IPL laser. Will it become permanent? (Photo)

I did a ipl laser treatment four months back for two small freckles on my face and now i am left with two brown spots on my face. Is there any cream... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the permanent damage on my face after my 1st IPL procedure? (Photo)

I've had a horrible IPL experience that has left me with permanent bar marks and pigmentation on both sides of my face. The discoloration is mostly... READ MORE

Will IPL Lighten Lines of Demarcation?

Seven months ago, I had midline Face lift and deep Phenol Chemical Peel done around my mouth and chin. Now I have a deep line of discoloration between... READ MORE

What Can I Do For White Patches After 3 Sessions of IPL?

I had 3 sessions of IPL. I have noticed my skin had white patches, What can I do for this? I have got server blemishes. IPL has reduced the hair... READ MORE

Ipl or laser for skin tightening?

I need help, I have hard time trusting doc in my area. What is the best treatment for tight,low pores,skin treatment? I do have mild discoloration but... READ MORE

IPL Has Caused Long Lasting Dark Skin Damage?

4-months ago I went to a certfied skin clinic seeking resolve from light acne discolouration. I am mocha coloured and had a few darkish brown spots I... READ MORE

2 weeks after IPL treatment my skin is patchy and uneven toned. Will the discoloration ever go away?

I am a white 37 years old woman. I had some redness on my face so the practitioner gave me an IPL treatment, it left my face very uneven toned now... READ MORE

2 months after IPL, the skin on my cheeks is discolored and dry. Could this be down to birth control or laser treatment? (Photo)

I started birth control about four months ago. About two months ago I received ipl. The skin on my cheeks is becoming discoloured and extremely dry... READ MORE

What's wrong with my mole? (Photo)

Hi i just started using philips lumea IPL hair removal and I accidentally use it on my small mole, the color is changed, it's kind of lighter. Am so... READ MORE

I had an IPL yesterday. I'm so worried about whether or not I'll get my good skin back. have happened. What should I do? (Photo)

Please look at my pictures. I have horrible discoloration and track marks (I guess this is what they look like). Will this flake off or get better?... READ MORE

Discolored, rough, dry, uneven skin tone after 3 weeks of IPL treatment?

How do I get rid of this ?? Is this normal after ipl?? How long it will yak to get back my normal skin ?? Is it permanent or reversible ?! I have... READ MORE

Discoloured, Mottled skin after 3 treatments of IPL to remove freckles on my arm. How can I get rid of this? (Photo)

As my arms are the only place on my body to have freckles, I decided to have IPL done to remove them. After the first treatment, a lot of freckles... READ MORE

Will the pink under my pigment spots from IPL treatment return to normal color?

The black pigmentation spots after my IPL session have started to fall off. However, skin that is under those brown spots have a pinkish tone that is... READ MORE

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