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After IPL I Have Two Burn Blisters and Dark Marks That Never Existed - is This Normal?

After IPL , I have two burn blisters on my forehead and darkened marks that never existed on my forehead, and this was the clearest part of my face...... READ MORE

Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

IPL After Four Days; How Long Before Brown Spots Go? (photo)

I had IPL 11/12/12, & 4 days later no sign of brown spots dropping off, & I have had blister(s). How long does it take for healing? 1 day -... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burns: How to Prevent Scarring?

Hi. Recently I traveled to China and recieved laser hair removal treatments for my legs. I believe the machine used was an IPL machine. All of my... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal Burns

Had hair removal IPL burns, would the burns leave trace or pigmentations? i am light skin female, had IPL burns 3 days ago on legs & arms,... READ MORE

I was told to do nothing to my IPL burn / blister. Is this right?

I had IPL this afternoon. Have had it twice before over a 3 year period so know what to expect. The machine burnt me this time. The practitioner... READ MORE

I had my 3rd IPL on my chest today and got severe burns, what can I do to heal this atrocity? (photos)

My 3rd IPL on my chest, yes I did have a tan, but the same as the last 2 times which went great.The NP that performed past treatments left so the Dr.... READ MORE

I Have a Blood Blister Formed over a Capillary Under my Eye, and the Broken Capillary is Much Larger. Will It Go? (photo)

Had my 5th session of IPL for rosacea on my face on Tuesday, it is now Friday afternoon. I am fine with swelling and coffee grounds, they will go... READ MORE

Blisters After IPL/Broad Band Light on Arms?

I had IPL/Broad Band Light on my arms 9 days ago. My arms were very red and proceeded to blister about 3 hours later. My laser tech told me to put... READ MORE

When does facial skin completely heal after you've been burned from IPL? (photos)

So, during the week of Thanksgiving I decided to do my second IPL of my life. My face had an allergic reaction and was swollen three times it's size... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Experience Itchiness and Blisters After IPL?

It's been 2 days since i had IPL but my skin feels ichy all the time, and there are some blisters too. What should i do? During the IPL, I could smell... READ MORE

Blisters After IPL

I had my ipl treatment for acne freckles on my back 6 days ago. First 2 days I didn't noticed any redness, but 3rd day skin was covered with red itchy... READ MORE

Blisters and pain up and down arms after IPL freckle removal treatment. Was I burned? (photos)

I had an IPL freckle removal procedure done by an RN and had some pretty intense pain after (could barely drive home). The pain went away after... READ MORE

I had IPL/ND Yag laser treatment on face to treat a vascular type birthmark on my face? (photo)

I experienced extreme swelling, burning and blistering. It has been almost 6 days and my face is still oozing pink and orange fluid with blisters. I... READ MORE

IPL Laser Blisters Normal?

I had IPL laser on Wed and have several blisters on my cheeks from it. Is it normal and how do I treat them? Thanks READ MORE

Long Term Cheek Blister After IPL

I had a second ipl treatment in early Spring and went outside immediately following it for 3 hours without sunscreen. 3 days later, a large blister... READ MORE

I have an indentation from IPL. Will it go away and about how long will it take? Is it safe to get future treatments?

I have had about 3 IPL treatments with no problems with the frist two. The thrid treatment about a month and a half ago caused a small blister about... READ MORE

I Had IPL and There is a Blister on my Chin, Will this Scar?

It's been four days. Technician said it would go away within five days. Not a chance. Blistered area seems to be getting smaller, but am concerned... READ MORE

3.5 days post op, Is my reaction to IPL normal? (photos)

I got IPL on my entire face 3.5 days ago - are the results in the pictures normal? How long will it take for all of the brown to slough off? The areas... READ MORE

Burns after IPL on face, neck, chest. What is the best treatment for this? (photo)

I had IPL at lunchtime yesterday on all three areas. About 3 hours later several blisters appeared on my chest and some lumpiness on my face, which... READ MORE

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