IPL After Four Days; How Long Before Brown Spots Go? (photo)

I had IPL 11/12/12, & 4 days later no sign of brown spots dropping off, & I have had blister(s). How long does it take for healing? 1 day - Swelling on cheeks, blister(s) on right cheek. Consultation resulted in the use of a steroid Locoid Lipocream, & use of vinegar & water solution. 3 days - Some reduction in swelling, Cold compresses 2-3 x a day. 4 days - Swelling hardly visible Brown spots dark red-brown spot right above blister; not sure if due to blister(s). See photo.

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IPL and brown spots

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No matter what, multiple treatments of IPL are needed. You should not have an expectation that all brown spots will be clearing up with a single IPL treatment. Additionally, often I see people who have had dozens of IPL to treat brown spots and they aren't even the types of spots that can be removed with an IPL! It's very important that a physician (dermatologist preferably) is involved in your care, to lay out what to expect, and treat the things that aren't able to be treated with IPL. A lot of the brown spots I see on your photo, aren't going to clear up with IPL, period. It's not possible. Second, the burn is very bad and frankly, shouldn't have occurred. Based on it, I would recommend you consider seeing a different office!


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It may take several more treatments of intense pulse light laser for the browns spots to clear up or lighten up.  Do not expect that one single treatment will be enough.  Once you have had treatment, it may take 1-2 weeks for the dark spots to fade or flake off.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Time till brown spots fade after IPL

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Brown spots or lentigines will fade over several treatments, most people requiring 4-6, but everyone is different. After your treatment, it can take 5-10 days for the flat brown spots to fade or peel off; do not pick at them, they'll come off when they're good and ready.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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