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Is IPL Effective for Male Thick Beard?

I'm having a full body treatment with IPL. i'm having great results in any part of body but not in face. I'm considering Laser Diode for... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Redness Without Damage to Facial Hair

(i am 19yr male). i have been considering getting ipl done to get rid of the redness that stretches across my cheeks (it covers areas of facial hair)... READ MORE

I Want to Get IPL to Help Lessen Redness, Will It Stop Me From Growing a Beard?

I want to improve the pigmenation of my skin and have a more even tone, however, I am aware IPL is also used for hair removal. Will it make my stubble... READ MORE

Would 1 IPL treatment permanently remove facial hair on upper beard area? (Photo)

I am an 18 year old male and like having facial hair. I received the treatment about 3 weeks ago. A tiny part of my upper beard area was treated on my... READ MORE

Will IPL cause beard loss?

Hi I'm looking to get IPL for my rosacea but I am worried about the risk of beard loss, is it possible to use short wavelengths eg.530nm and avoid... READ MORE

Brown Spot or Blisters After Beard Loss IPL Treatment?

I got Brown Spot or Blisters after beard loss IPL treatment 7 days ago. It's still cause soreness if i touched it. The doc said it's usual and only... READ MORE

If i wax my beard before getting an IPL treatment, will it save my facial hair from getting destroyed?

I've read that if you want to actually get an IPL for the purpose of removing hair, then you should not wax it prior, as this will render the... READ MORE

Time needed to confirm IPL beard facial hair loss isn't permanent?

I am 46 year old male, light skin & black hair. I had 2 IPL treatments, 2 weeks apart for skin spots & freakles. My physician advised me there would... READ MORE

Facial IPL treatment - I have a beard and want to keep it. How can it be done?

Male - mid-forties, with olive skin (type IV). Black beard (with white hair in some places) I am considering IPL treatment for sun spots on my face.... READ MORE

IPL for acne - effect on beard?

I Got ipl done for Acne on my earlier today, without knowing a lot about it. I know I should have researched a bit more. I'm 21 years old and don't... READ MORE

Thick and dark hair regrowth after high beam Alex laser and no hormonal imbalance! (photo)

I did IPL on my face. I had a few hairs on my sideburns but did half face. I now have a full on beard due to stimulated hair growth. I then went to... READ MORE

Is beard hair loss from one IPL treatment permanent? (Photo)

I am a 43 year old male and had IPL treatment for general sun damage and fine lines two days ago. Now I am noticing a patchy appearance to my beard.... READ MORE

Male with poikilodermia of civatte in beard region. What devices or methods can be used without removing wanted hair?

Have had PC for 2 years. I am male 38 years old with skin type 1. Have had 5 Ipl treatments (nordlyse Ellipse) on the sides of neck with little... READ MORE

Should I continue with more sessions of ipl or change treatment? (photo)

Photo I have posted shows my growth pattern after 6 ipl session..just after 1 week..dey seems beard like on touch...what should I do ..continue with... READ MORE

Any IPL that doesn't remove beard?

I'm male and want to do ipl treatment without hurting my beard hair? READ MORE

Does the Baby Face Look on a Man Caused by Laser Beard Removal Look Bizarre?

About two years ago I decided to do permanent beard removal. I had about 12 sessions done in total. The first 6 were IPL, the following were laser.... READ MORE

I am regretting IPL treatments on my beard. Is there anything I could do to thicken my hair? (Photo)

Greetings, When I was eighteen I strongly disliked having facial hair. I did 16 intensive IPL treatments which caused the hair to weaken and disappear... READ MORE

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