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Difference Between Professional and Home IPL?

Heard about Philips Lumea IPL home hair removal system. On their website it says that the machine makes hair follicle to go to resting phase. So... READ MORE

How is DPL Therapy-at Home Different from IPL?

I came across the Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) Therapy-at home online and I'm wondering if it is legit. How is it different from IPL? I have fair skin... READ MORE

Is IPL Home Device for Hair Removal Safe for the Skin?

If sun and UV are dangerous and can cause skin cancer, why the Intense Pulsed Light is safe. Thank you in advance Evi READ MORE

Does Home Use of Viss IPL Machine Skin Rejuvenation Work?

Can all the home use IPL machine (such as Viss, 2PS etc) really work on rejuvenate skin? READ MORE

Using At-home Laser Hair Removal Devices for Sun Damage Too?

Can home laser hair removal devices (silk'n, tria) be used to counteract sun damage? IPL lasers are used to remove hair and help with sun damage, so... READ MORE

Can I Use my Home IPL Hair Removal System on my Scar?

Can I use my IPL at home hair removal system on a scar? Is the IPL used for hair removal the same IPL used to remove scars? I know that this machine... READ MORE

IPL - At-Home Machine?

I'm stationed overseas in Japan, and the language barrier does not make it possible for me to find a clinic. I found a good price on a... READ MORE

Got Brown Spot from Using At-home IPL Device! What Should I Do From Here?

I recently bought RedMD from Amazon and first use of 30 min gave me glow, dryness and a large brown line on each side of nasolabial folds, I also get... READ MORE

Can I Use a Home HPL Hair Removal System to Fade a Tattoo?

I have a very small homemade tattoo that I gave myself using India ink when I was a teenager. I am aware that the IPL hair and tattoo removal... READ MORE

I've Just Accidentally Discharged a Home IPL Device into my Open Eyes, from a Distance of About 10cm. Worried!

I've just accidentally discharged a home IPL device into my open eyes, from a distance of about 10cm. The safety device on the machine was meant... READ MORE

Do I Need to Wear Eye Protection for At-home IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

I just bought a Remington iLight Pro for hair removal at home but it does not come with eye protection nor can i find a pair of protective eyewear... READ MORE

Can Home IPL Hair Removal Devices Stimulate Hair Growth Instead?

I'm planning to buy one of those home IPL for hair removal since I've had professional laser a year ago and I still have more growing. Can I use home... READ MORE

Is it necessary for people to buy bleaching after IPL sessions? (photos)

I'm down IPL hair removal (Sharplight IPL machines) for my underarms, its been 6 sessions and beauty centre asked me if i want to bleach my underarm... READ MORE

How to know if IPL burns are only burns or hyper-pygmentation?

I did a home IPL treatment on Friday. The setting was too high for my leg. Some burns apperead 1h after and on the next day. The burns are darker... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Home Hair Removal Ipl Face and Body Aplicators if They Are Not Fda Aproved?

Is It Safe to Use Home Hair Removal Ipl  Face and Body Aplicators if They Are Not Fda Aproved? READ MORE

What Are the Recommended Parameter Settings for Sun Damaged Skin IPL Treatment?

I am a fitzpatrick skin type III and recently bought a mini IPL machine to treat my own skin from various skin conditions. Can you please send me the... READ MORE

At-home IPL Suitable for Hair Removal on Jaw and Top Lip?

I'm considering buying a home IPL machine and want to know if it is suitable for hair removal on the jawline and top lip. I spend hours... READ MORE

Are Hair Removal IPL Devices Made for Use at Home Safe and Effective?

Hello! I was thinking of buying a for-home IPL .I'm in doubt now.After reading an ad of one of IPL devices, mentioning that it must be repeated but... READ MORE

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