Vivera Retainer + Invisalign

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Vivera Retainer is Moving Tooth?

I am done with my invisalign treatment and am into vivera retainers. When I wear the retainer at night it moves one lower tooth. I put on my last... READ MORE

Vivera Vs Grinding Guard As Retainer After Invisalign?

The space left by an extracted lower front tooth has finally closed after two rounds of Invisalign. I am concerned about effective retention to keep... READ MORE

Are Vivera Retainers Effective in Maintaining my Teeth Alignment?

After 1.5 years glad to say I finished my invisalign treatment and my teeth (whilst not 100% perfect- is there such a thing?!) have an... READ MORE

How long do Vivera retainers last?

I finished my Invisalign treatment at the end of 2015, and decided to go with Vivera retainers. I wore my last Invisalign tray for a month while I was... READ MORE

What is the difference between the actual Invisalign braces & the Vivera retainer (they look the same)?

After my Invisalign treatment, my dentist gave me a retainer that looked exactly like the invisaligns & told me to wear them every day for the 1st... READ MORE

My question is about Vivera retainers and what to do if you stop wearing them for a few months then start again?

I stopped wearing my Vivera retainers for a couple of months and when I started wearing them again they were extremely tight. I use to only wear them... READ MORE

Switching orthodontists for Vivera retainers and follow-up on invisilign treatments?

I am not very happy with my current orthodontist, because he spends only five seconds for each of my Invisilign visits. I am now officially finished... READ MORE

Who's responsible for the mistakes with my Vivera retainers?

At the end of my Invisalign treatment my dentist and I were both happy with the results. I switched from the last aligner to my first set of Vivera... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: How long to continue wearing Vivera?

In response to my question about grinding, the doctor said Vivera is recommended for one year after Invisalign treatment. I was under the impression... READ MORE

How much does the Vivera retainers cost?

I had completed orthodontic treatment done 2 years back.Now wearing retainers ( the permenant wires fixed behind the teeth). thinking about using the... READ MORE

Can I get Vivera in a heavier material? Or something else I can wear over them?

I am a terrible grinder, and I do it much more with the retainers in at night. I actually damage the retainers by grinding them against each other.... READ MORE

Can Vivera Retainers or Invisalign Treatment Fix the Front Center Line?

Can a vivera retainers or Invisalign treatment fix the front center line? my upper teeth line is more going to the right side .. and the bottom is in... READ MORE

Can I ask the Orthodontist to remove wire from bottom teeth and give me a new Invisalign or Vivera tray instead?

I had Invisalign system completed. Following completion, they immediately put wire on inside of bottom center 6 teeth. For the past 2 years, I have... READ MORE

Question about Vivera Retainer. Can I apply for it without dental impression?

I'm wearing the last aligner and want to have the Vivera Retainer after finishing the program. Can I apply for it without dental impression? I will... READ MORE

Transferring Invisalign case -- only left with Vivera retainers that I had paid for years ago. Can I transfer the case?

I just moved from NYC to SF and will complete my full invisalign course in 8 weeks' time. However, I paid up front for vivera retainers with my... READ MORE

Do Vivera need to be worn on the top and bottom if only the top was treated?

My Invisalign treatment is just to close a gap in my top teeth. I have bottom trays that don't do anything. Will I need both top and bottom retainers... READ MORE

Just finished invisalign. Within 4 days of wearing my "Vivera retainer" all day, spaces are opening up again! Why is this?

I just finished my last tray a few weeks ago. I was given a "vivera retainer" to hold my teeth in place. My dentist told me i could "just wear it a... READ MORE

Are teeth movement while in Vivera retainers normal?

I have just started wearing Vivera retainers. The bottom tray does not snap in as easily as the top tray and takes some effort to get it in. There is... READ MORE

I have not worn my retainer in two years and had a tiny mislap. Should I start to wear it again or will it cause more damage?

I have not worn my retainer in two years and had a tiny mislap. I still have my last vevera retainer but it is really really tight. Should I start to... READ MORE

When do impressions for Vivera retainers usually take place?

I have 26 trays in total. My dentist said that he will take an impression for Vivera retainers at the appointment after my 25th Invisalign tray,... READ MORE

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