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Invisalign Before or After Implant?

HI, I had lower first molar extracted 5 months ago, the bone graft was placed at the time of extraction, now I need to get braces done to correct the... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used with Dental Implants?

I plan to have all of my molars replaced with implants. I have slight crookedness in the front and would like to address that as well. Is it possible... READ MORE

Teeth No Longer Touching After Using Invisalign Retainer?

I finished my invisalign treatment in January of 2010 and I have been wearing my invisalign retainer every night since then. After I finished my... READ MORE

Why Doesn't my Vacuum-Formed Retainer Cover my Molars?

This is a follow up to another question that I asked a couple of days ago. I have noticed that only my back molar teeth are touching and none of the... READ MORE

My doctor told me to change my aligners every 7 days. Isn't this too fast?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday. I have 38 trays to complete. The orthodontist group I see is a Top 1% provider. They recommend their... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Realign Upright Lower Molars Due to Extractions?

I had my lower 12-year-old molars extracted 50 years ago. They were never replaced. Result is that the teeth behind them have tilted forward so that... READ MORE

Just finished Invisalign braces course. Now my molars don't touch, only my wisdom teeth. Should I have them removed? (photo)

Basically my wisdoms are higher up in the gum in position than the other teeth which is affecting me eating, my speech and my smile. I now have a gap... READ MORE

Missing Molar and Invisalign

I have one missing first molar on left side and the first molar on right side might need to come out as well. I am getting invisalign to correct my... READ MORE

Single tooth pain with Invisalign. Wondering if I have a cavity, or a cracked tooth, or if it's just the aligners causing pain.

I am on tray 9. I have a really bad tooth pain on my last molar on the bottom left. It only hurts when I chew on it and its really excruciating. To... READ MORE

How Good is Invisalign at Removing Spaces After Tooth Extraction?

I visited my ortho today and he said he can remove my underbite by removing my lower pre-molars.i wanted to know how good invisalign is at closing the... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign Even with Molar Implants?

I have molar implants. Can I get Invisalign and will my teeth straighten even with my implants? READ MORE

Molar pain with invisalign...what to do?

Im on week four of invisalign and 3 of my molars that have root canals are hurting significantly. They stop hurting when I remove the retainers. Is it... READ MORE

Invisalign Tray Does Not Cover my Back Molars - is This Normal?

I am on day 7 of my first invisalign tray. When I was shown my ClinCheck video it did not encompass the top (1 and a half) rear molars on the top jaw.... READ MORE

Invisalign for Misaligned Molar?

I had my wisdom teeth out and it caused my back molar to move and face outward so that eventually I will be bitting my cheek. Is Invisalign out of the... READ MORE

Do I Need Premolar Extracted with Invisalign? (photo)

I've been for two Invisalign consultations so far. Now I'm really confused. The first place I went to said it'd take about 9mths and it... READ MORE

Can I Get a Filling After I've Received my Invisalign Aligners?

Can i still get a filling on the side of my moler? i already got my aligners but now i found out i have cavity on the side of moler. Can i still get a... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Close Lower Molar Extraction Space?

More than 20 years after my lower right first molar has been removed, I've decided to fix it. The situation: 2nd and 3rd molar are tilt ed forward and... READ MORE

I just got Invisalign and none of my trays cover my upper right back molar, is this okay?

My aligners cover all of my teeth except for the upper right molar, which is left uncovered. My dentist said this was due to a discrepancy in the... READ MORE

One of my teeth doesn't fit my tray, what should I do? (photo)

Hi, I'm an invisalign user who got two upper 2nd premolars (left&right) taken out before starting invisalign. I'm currently @Tray #22 when I realized... READ MORE

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