Loose Teeth + Invisalign

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Is it normal for my teeth to be loose after wearing a retainer?

I have been on and off with my retainers ever since I got them about 4 years ago. I just put them in last night after not wearing them for a month and... READ MORE

Teeth Falling Out After Using Invisalign. Is That a Possibility?

I have seen several reviews online about teeth falling out after using Invisalign.  Is it true that one may loose teeth after using invisalign? READ MORE

Started Retainers Today Which Are Snug, Noticed a Loose Tooth?

I started my Invisalign retainers today and they are quite snug. I don't mind them being tight but I noticed it has caused a loose tooth. I remember... READ MORE

Is it normal for your teeth to feel very loose while using Invisalign?

Is it normal for your teeth to be loose enough to move with your finger with little pressure while using Invisalign? I am referring to my very crowded... READ MORE

Teeth typically get loose during Invisalign. Are there cases in which treatment must stop as a result of too much mobility?

My ortho is considering discontinuing my treatment due to a few teeth having more mobility than he's comfortable with. I was told to get xrays and... READ MORE

Loose tooth on retainer 16/31. Should I be worried?

Saw my hygienest/dentist the other day and when cleaning my lower teeth she became concerned. She implied that there was significant movement and that... READ MORE

Invisaline tray fitting issue and very loose tooth. What should I do?

I am on my last tray 10. Since day one the right side of my tray never fit. (When I bite down the tray moves up and down my dr solution to this was to... READ MORE

Didn't wear invisalign retainer for ~ 6 weeks, is it really bad for my mouth to put them back in?

I finished invisalign 3 years ago. But I was traveling recently and forgot to wear my invisalign retainer for about 6 weeks. I just put them back in,... READ MORE

I have my 4th tray & my back molar is loose. It pops up & down & I can move it with my finger. Should I use my old tray?

I just started my 4 tray and on my back molar is loose. It pops up and down and I can push it up and down with my finger. Its Saturday and my dentist... READ MORE

Does Invisilign after 40 have any risks of loose teeth?

I was almost decided to start invisilign but a doctor friend mentioned that after 40 the bones don't grow as much and it can cause gum remission and... READ MORE

I never lost lateral incisor teeth. Now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do?

I never lost my lateral incisor teeth, now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do? X-rays from my dentist show permanent teeth still in my... READ MORE

Unhappy with Invisalign, is there anyway I can reverse and go back to how my teeth were before?

Very concerned and regretting the decision to start the Invisalign process. I'm about 6 months into the 18 months of treatment. My teeth are loose... READ MORE

Severe constant pain in last molar a week after new tray - no dentist at the moment. Could aligner have loosed crown? (photo)

I'm 36 and my general dentist offered a refund after admitting that he didn’t review my case before sending impressions on to Align. But 4 days into t... READ MORE

Advise on Gum Recession from Misalignment and Invisalign treatment? (photos)

During a consultation, I was recommended Invisalign to fix my receding gums. 3 weeks later, they began aggressively receding & my teeth shifted.... READ MORE

Invisalign tray 5 not fitting third tooth

My dog crimped my fourth tray so I went in early to see what the best option was inning forward. My dentist told me to just go ahead on the next tray... READ MORE

Loose teeth with invisalign - not happy. Nobody warned me about this?

I'm am 49 - braces when I was 15 - 19. Absent wisdom teeth / bottom 2nd molars. Upper lateral incisor had rotated ++ - started invisalign. No sig... READ MORE

How likely I'm going to loose tooth nr 31? (photos)

I am wearing Invisalign Lite which involves some attachments, IPR and extruding my lower teeth, too. Tooth 31's neck was already slightly out of the... READ MORE

Could Invisalign damage teeth and gums? (photo)

I started invisalign a yr ago. every dentist said I needed 4 teeth pulled. This dentist said they did not need to be pulled. in may of this year my... READ MORE

Invisalign with a loose baby tooth?

I'm supposed to get my Invisalign Tuesday (March 15th) and I have a pretty loose baby tooth. My dentist knows of my baby tooth and hasn't said much... READ MORE

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