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Can Bonding Be Removed Without Taking Away Any Tooth Structure? How Should It Be Done?

This question relates to residual Invisalign IPR been bonded by the destist. I am looking for a second opinion. I want to remove the bonding and close... READ MORE

Can Reduction of the Enamel Damage Your Teeth?

I am about to get my first aligner and was told by my dentist that he will need to thin the width of my front teeth by 3-4mm. I thought this was a bad... READ MORE

Repairing Enamel Wear from Invisalign Braces

I have had Invisalign since April of 2009, 9 months down the road my teeth are almost perfect. My question is if anyone else has noticed wear on their... READ MORE

Is There a Way That Enamel Lost from Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Can Be Regrown?

I had Invisalign for a brief period but wasn't happy with how things were looking but I had already undergone some IPR. My orthodontist who... READ MORE

Should my teeth feel rough after removal of attachments?

My orthodontist drilled the attachments off and now my teeth feel abraded when I run my tongue over them. I'm worried this has seriously reduced my... READ MORE

Can the Removal of Invisalign Attachments Cause Dulling of Enamel?

I just picked up my Invisalign Express trays yesterday and had attachments placed (2 upper, 4 lower). I was concerned about damage to the enamel upon... READ MORE

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel?

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel? I Try to Wait 1 Hr Max READ MORE

What Can I Do About Enamel Appearance Changes After Invisalign Attachments Were Removed?

When removing my attachments, my ortho didn’t use magnification. After, the teeth appeared dry/dull/gashed/scratched. My lateral incisor was flat a... READ MORE

Is my enamel damaged from possibly poor removal of invisalign attachments?

My Ortho took off my attachments today and now my canine tooth has a flat spot! I'm freaking out. Did he wear away the enamel? Is my tooth is danger?... READ MORE

Can I Use Invisalign if my Teeth Have Reduced Enamel?

I have quite a significant overbite from prolonged childhood thumb sucking. During my adolescence I constantly drank coke and that has resulted in... READ MORE

Do You Have to Have Your Tooth Enamel Slimmed Down for Invisalign?

My doctor never mentioned that he would have to slim down my tooth enamel on my upper and lower front teeth. I would rather not have it done because I... READ MORE

Can Invisalign move teeth upward to correct gum line? (photos)

The gumline is too low over my top canine teeth. A periodontist said a gumlift cannot bedone without veneers due to insufficient enamel. Gumlift can... READ MORE

Removing composite veneers?

I have two composite veneers placed on my front teeth due to moderate crowding. I didn't want to do any orthodontic treatment at that moment, but I've... READ MORE

Decalcification of enamel Help, any thoughts?

My daughter has had Invisalign teen for 6 mos. for about past month have noticed white lines/spots on front teeth (front and back). Awaiting to hear... READ MORE

After 2 rounds of Invisalign, do I need to worry about my dentist "adjusting my bite" by shaving down teeth and enamel? (photos)

I am on my last tray of invisigline after 18 trays and then 9. Before I started, I had a slightly open bite in front. My open bite is corrected and my... READ MORE

Removing enamel to help straighten teeth. Is this normal?

The dentist removes millimeters of tooth enamel in order to straighten my sons teeth. Is this normal practice? Is it okay to do? READ MORE

How to prevent enamel erosion during Invisalign treatment?

Have strict time restrictions for meal breaks at work (10 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes lunch, sometimes less) and worrying that could be... READ MORE

How often to floss/brush with invisalign?

I just recently got invisalign put in. I have always brushed twice a day and flossed once a day. But invisalign recommends brushing and flossing after... READ MORE

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