Can the Removal of Invisalign Attachments Cause Dulling of Enamel?

I just picked up my Invisalign Express trays yesterday and had attachments placed (2 upper, 4 lower). I was concerned about damage to the enamel upon removal, even at the time of putting them on. Unfortunately, today, I had two removed and replaced by the orthodontist, who assued me there would be no damage. Well, immediately after he replaced them, I could see that my tooth surface on both teeth was dull, lacked shine and was dried out. Is this permanent??? Or, do they need to re-mineralize?

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Can removal of invisalign attachments cause dulling of the enamel

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When the buttons are removed the enamel will appear dull but that can be polished back to the original luster.  No permanent damage will take place.   Do not worry about it.

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Removal of Invisalign Attachments Will Not Permanently Dull Your Enamel

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The dentist/orthodontist has to be meticulous in their removal. He should also then polish the enamel back to it's glossy surface texture.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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