Discoloration + Invisalign

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Is Invisalign Worth Having Done when in Your 50's?

I have always had crowding, crooked & discolored teeth. Had a lot of dental work done about 15 yrs ago. I'd like to keep my teeth as long as I... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent Invisalign from Getting Discolored?

What is the best way to clean Invisalign clean and clear? What are the key tips or suggestions? READ MORE

Has drinking with Invisalign in affected the treatment?

I've been told(as with many others) to only drink water with Invisalign in. This is because of the staining and discolouration of the trays, however,... READ MORE

Do I need to get Invisalign before veneers (Photo)

Hello everyone! I went to a cosmetic dentist and asked him about veneers on my 4 front teeth, I had old fillings on those and now they discolored and... READ MORE

Can the buttons for invisalign braces be put on the back of the teeth instead?

My teeth have always been very discolored and the buttons are very white. It makes it look like I have food in my teeth all the time. READ MORE

Why do my teeth turn yellow after 1 month of Invisalign treatment?

I find the whole set of my teeth become more and more yellow after few weeks of invisalign treatment and the discoloration is even, not like patches... READ MORE

Tooth With Discoloration Has No Canal; Can I Proceed With Invisalign?

Hi, I have a big gap between my two front teeth and wanted to get invisalign. In my recent visit to dentist, she recognized one of my front teeth is... READ MORE

My 7th set of Invisalign trays have become discoloured. Is this normal, and is there a way to reverse it?

Ok, so im on my 7th tray & have noticed that both the top and bottom trays, on the right hand side, towards the back have gone a green/yellow colour!... READ MORE

Can invisalign fix my type of problem?

I had braces as a teen (10 years ago). My front top teeth hang over my bottom and look out of place from a side angle. Another factor to consider is... READ MORE

Switching Invisalign Trays?

I'm on Tray 12/40. I had to switch to Tray 12 uppers 9 days early because Tray 11 broke, my ortho told me to wear Tray 12 uppers for 9+14 days. The... READ MORE

My left incisor is traumatised, discolored more to the yellow side. I'm getting Invisalign. Chances of resorption? (Photo)

The x ray showed that he root has been squashed together due to the trauma but is still alive. No pain just occasional throbbing and tenderness. READ MORE

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