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What Are Invisalign "Buttons" and Where Are They Attached.

I just got my x-rays, etc. yesterday. Can someone explain this attachments/buttons thing to me? That is not something I had been educated on... do... READ MORE

Tooth Not Lining Up with Invisalign Buttons

I am currently on tray 12 out of around 26 for Invisalign on my upper teeth, and I am having a small problem. One tooth left of my front teeth is not... READ MORE

Single Tooth Pain with Aligner?

I am 3/4 of the way through my fourth set of trays and am having severe pain in just one tooth. I should have had a "button" on the tooth next to it... READ MORE

How can I whiten my Invisalign attachments/buttons after they've been stained from Indian curry? Whitening strips do not work.

I just got invisalign a few days ago with attachments on my canines and molars. Lucky I do not have attachments on the four front teeth. I asked for... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Invisalign Attachment/button on the Back of One Tooth?

I started Invisalign 1 month ago. Since my rear bite is open it's taking 12-18 mos. I got buttons on almost every tooth except my front 2 top... READ MORE

Invisilign Buttons Coming off Often?

Is it normal that the buttons for my rubber band come of often? They both fall off within about a week of each other and about every 3 months. I just... READ MORE

My Doctor Says "Invisalign Recently Started Coming out with Grooved Trays for Those Who Don't Want Buttons" - True?

I have already paid this Doctor for Invisalign and I feel like he is not telling me something. I want to do everything possible to get the best... READ MORE

Replacing Invisalign Buttons?

I just had my "buttons" put on today. There are 14 of them in all (seven top, seven bottom) the top are what really bother me. There are buttons on... READ MORE

Should I Take off the Other Elastic If One Of Them Fell Off?

I wear invisilign and my button broke off, i usually wear an elastic from that button. Im confused if i should take the other elastic off? READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Buttons That Have Fallen off During Invisalign?

I have buttons attached to my bottom teeth where I place rubber bands during my invisalign treatment. However, one of the buttons has already fallen... READ MORE

Is It Possible for an Invisalign Button to Break but Not Fall off Completely?

One of the buttons feels as if it is still there but it is not filling the form completely as I was told it should. READ MORE

Buttons/Attachments on Front Teeth. Concerned?

I am starting Invisalign shortly and I am slightly concerned about the buttons/attachments. I have an underbite, will I have many attachments on my... READ MORE

Should My Dentist Have Made Me Aware That I Needed Invisalign Buttons on my Front Teeth?

Had impressions made for invisalign, and nothing was mentioned about buttons or attachments until the molds came in and the tech said, wow you need a... READ MORE

How long can I go with a missing button for elastics?

My bottom button that is meant to attach the elastic band has fallen off. I am away at college and won't be able to go back home until almost 3 weeks... READ MORE

How is uneven bottom tooth heights addressed with Invisalign?

A few of my bottom teeth are uneven in height. How can invisalign push teeth down to make them all level heights ? And are buttons and/or elastics... READ MORE

Can the buttons for invisalign braces be put on the back of the teeth instead?

My teeth have always been very discolored and the buttons are very white. It makes it look like I have food in my teeth all the time. READ MORE

Does Invisalign Teen Need to Use "Buttons"?

I am looking inot getting invisalign teen and was wondering if teens still need to get the "buttons". also will i need to get any teeth pulled before... READ MORE

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