Brushing Teeth + Invisalign

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How Many Times Should I Brush my Teeth with Invisalign?

How many time should I brush my teetih with invisalign? do I wash too much times? is that hurting my teeth? get up, brush, breakfast, brush, lunch,... READ MORE

Wait 30 Minutes Before Reinserting Invisalign?

I have Invisalign (express and top only) and read somewhere that you should wait 30 minutes after eating to brush and reinsert the liners. Is that... READ MORE

How to Eat in School with Invisalign? Costs? (photo)

I'm considering getting invisalign to fix my slightly overcrowded teeth and overjet. However, I'm going to be a junior in high school, and I don't... READ MORE

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel?

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel? I Try to Wait 1 Hr Max READ MORE

Is it a huge deal if I can't floss and brush my teeth after every meal with Invisalign?

I always brush my teeth and floss after every breakfast and dinner. However, the problem is during lunch at work. I'm usually rushed with time at... READ MORE

Cavities after Invisalign?

Do most people get cavities after or during Invisalign treatment? I am very concerned about this as I have never had a cavity. I only take my... READ MORE

Can you brush Invisalign trays with an electric toothbrush?

I am about to get invisalign and I use a sonicare toothbrush. I can not find any information on brushing attachments and cleaning the trays with an... READ MORE

I have Invisalign and after I eat I hate brushing my teeth. Especially at school. What else could I do instead of brushing?

I eat at least 3-5 times a day. Only little things though and nothing that will really get stuck in my teeth like gummies. I drink tea though. Should... READ MORE

Part of my tooth came off! Invisalign question---please help!!! (photo)

So I was an idiot and wore my 4th (and second to last) invisalign tray for WAY too long. I wore it for months basically because I went through a... READ MORE

Invisalign on a long airplane ride. Can I brush my teeth in a plane's lavatory during a US-Europe flight?

Can I brush my teeth in a plane's lavatory during a US-Europe flight? Or should I just not wear my trays during the flight? READ MORE

Should I continue my Invisalign tray after two weeks and 4 days?

Should I continue my Invisalign tray after two weeks and 4days? Because when I am take out the tray for brush I could feel the pain. Why is my teeth... READ MORE

Do I have to brush my teeth with Invisalign after eating when I'm in school?

I brush after everything I eat but I don't want to do that in School as it can be time consuming and very awkward since everyone would probably be... READ MORE

Why is my Invisalign tray greenish-yellow?

I always take my invisalign out everytime I eat and drink. I also brush my teeth and trays regularly. But, when I took them out today the molars are... READ MORE

Mouthwash after meals before putting Invisalign on?

Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to just use a mouthwash like Listerine to rinse the mouth after a meal and then get the Invisalign on right... READ MORE

Is there supposed to be tooth sensitivity when I take out my Invisalign? It's short lived, but hurts :-( Thanks for the help.

When I take them out to eat or brush or just anything, whenever I bite on food, not hard food or anything, I have a few teeth that really hurt. Hurt... READ MORE

Should I brush my teeth in the morning with Invisalign?

Is it necessary to brush in the morning? I do not want to remove the aligners to brush in the morning, only to brush again after breakfast. At the... READ MORE

I've had Invisalign for 1 year now, not enough time to brush my teeth after I eat. What can I do?

And I dont usually have time to brush my teeth and my invisalign every time I eat and they get yellow so easy(both my teeth and invisalign) I get... READ MORE

Teeth with wax buttons have turned yellow. (photo)

Is this normal? Wax buttons on my teeth are a part of my Invisalign treatment. How can I turn them back to their original colour? I've only had... READ MORE

How often to floss/brush with invisalign?

I just recently got invisalign put in. I have always brushed twice a day and flossed once a day. But invisalign recommends brushing and flossing after... READ MORE

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