How to Eat in School with Invisalign? Costs? (photo)

I'm considering getting invisalign to fix my slightly overcrowded teeth and overjet. However, I'm going to be a junior in high school, and I don't want unsightly braces. I heard that for invisalign though, you have to brush your teeth after every meal. Does that mean you have to bring a toothbrush and paste to the bathroom/ to the lunch table, and do that in front of everybody? That's the major concern for me right now. Also, what's the average cost of them in Ohio?

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Bruching and eating

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You do need to eat without your trays then rinse and brush after. If you dont food will be traped gainst the teeth and possible damage. If you talk to your orthodontist he will give you all the rules and you will find the little inconvience is well worth straight teeth

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How to Eat in School with Invisalign and Costs

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First let us discuss price. You want to know the average cost of invisalign in Ohio. There are premier providers  in Ohio that are doing invisalign for $3,950. This is in Columbus, Ohio. I would search online on the invisalign site. Read about invisalign for teens and find a few providers that are  local and check with a few of them.  They should all be willing to give you a free consultation. You mentioned you do not want "metal mouth" so I would think in your situation, invisalign would be a perfect solution for you. Remove the aligners before you eat and you can always rinse your mouth out with water and brush later.  You might find that kids think it is very cool to be able to have invisalign ....check the link out below from youtube called invisalign hits the streets!  If the link does not work just go to youtube and type in search bar Invisalign hits the streets!  Good Luck!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Am I a good candidate for invisalign

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Your case looks to be a good invisalign case.  To answer you questions about eating with them, make sure you place them in the blue case given to you by invisalign so you do not accidentally throw them away.  After you eat, you can excuse yourself and goto the bathroom and use a wisp brush which comes with toothpaste to brush your teeth.  If you can't do that rinse real well and place the trays back in your mouth.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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How to Eat Out With Invisalign?

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Your case looks like a good Invisalign case.  To answer your question -- here is what I tell my patients (and what I did when I was in my Invisalign).  Find a cocktail napkin or a small napkin and before you start eating wrap your Invisalign trays in the napkin and put them in  your pocket or your purse immediately (so they don't get thrown away with other napkins on the table).  When you're finished eating, go in the bathroom and brush (try carrying a toothbrush and paste in your book bag or purse) or chew a piece of 100% xylitol gum to clean your teeth before you pop your trays back in place.  Remember to put your trays right back in, and wear them as much as possible, so that your teeth will achieve the results you're looking for.


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From your photos my suggestion would be to go with conventional braces or lingual braces or ceramic braces.  You have moderate crowding and is just outside of the capabilities of invisalign.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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