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Wearing Invisalign for Less Than 24 Hours Per Day

I'm not sure I can commit to wearing the invisalign appliances for 24hrs per day. What happens if I only wear it at night and for a few hours per... READ MORE

Is 59 Too Old for Invisalign?

I am 59 years old and recently retired from teaching.  I did not require braces as a teenager, but my teeth have become crowded as I have aged... READ MORE

Age Limit for Invisalign?

What is the age limit for getting an Invisalign? What age is considered "too old" for this? READ MORE

Invisalign Refinement. is my Second Go,

I am on tray 6 of 11 (top) and 21 (bottom), with 2 attachments (top) and 5 (bottom). I am 62 years old, and had braces many years ago. My orthodontist... READ MORE

Is 62 Too Old for Invisalign?

Am I too old, at 62, to undergo Invisalign treatment for crowding? READ MORE

As a Wearer of Invisalign over Age 60, What Problems Would One Have As I Age?

I know teeth shift with age. So, I am concerned with this. I do visit my dentist every six months, however, I'm looking at the long term. Suppose... READ MORE

Concerned About Tooth Loss from Moving Them Around

I am 63 years old. Healing is an issue for a 60 year old. I need one front tooth extracted to make room for the tooth movement...should I be... READ MORE

63 Years Old with Overbite and Teeth Crowding on Bottom?

I'm a 63 year old woman with a significant overbite that I've had all my life. My bottom teeth especially seem to be moving towards the center so... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Good Option for Me?

I am 63. I need alignment particularly on my front teeth. It mainly affects only the incisors. The upper ones have a large gap, and the lower once are... READ MORE

I am 62 & did Invisalign last yr. The dr said it would take 1 1/2 yrs but stopped abruptly after xrays after 1 yr. Why?

My regular dentist yesterday (during a root canal on a bottom tooth) said it could take 5 yrs for adults (which the ortho never mentioned who even... READ MORE

Do I Need to Be Concerned About Gingival Thickness Before Invisalign?

I am 60 years old and considering invisalign. I have had peridontal work in the past and had a dentist tell me I needed to be evaluated for gingival... READ MORE

Invisalign for a 59 Year Old?

I am 59 years old, and my teeth had been filled up because of my gum disease. Can I have Invisalign treatment? READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work for Severe Crowding in a 57 Year Old? (photo)

I'm a 57 year old man who never had any sort of braces all though my children have had them. I have been giving serious thought to making the plunge... READ MORE

I'm over 55 yrs young. Am I a candidate for Invisalign or Braces for my age? (photos)

Im over 55 yrs young in good general health, work out, try to eat right. would invisalign or braces be good for my age? IF I choose invisalign, could... READ MORE

How can invisalign correct 100% overbite when I have a bridge on top right arch and veneers?

I am 57. Started invisalign this week. Initial treatment plan has 29 aligners. I was looking to correct lower teeth crowding. I have 100% overbite, 8... READ MORE

Orthodontia at age 12-13 with 4 teeth removed. My mouth, upper lip looks flat and unattractive. Can this be improved?

I am now 55, I did have Invisalign two years ago but it only straightened my teeth. I have minimal teeth show and would love a more youthful smile. READ MORE

Good Teeth and Invisalign?

Generally speaking I have really good strong teeth for a 59 yo with very few fillings). I'm considering Invisalign to close a gap in my front teeth... READ MORE

Can Invisalign correct my very open bite? (Photo)

I am 58 years old and was told by my dentist, Invisalign can correct my open bite. I have attached pictures for your review. READ MORE

Is extraction preferred over shaving in my case? I'm a 55 year old male... (photos)

I'm getting Invisalign and I was told the #23 tooth pushed forward bottom right of the picture should be removed instead of teeth shaving because of... READ MORE

I am 62 years old and have been battling tooth recession since in my 20s. Will Invisalign help?

I have healthy gums, but continue with recession. I have several crowns and a bridge. My dentist feels that I would benefit from this tx. Would like... READ MORE

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