Is 59 Too Old for Invisalign?

I am 59 years old and recently retired from teaching.  I did not require braces as a teenager, but my teeth have become crowded as I have aged.  Therefore, I am considering this procedure (Invisalign).  Since I have some gum recession issues, a periodontist has suggested a skin graft from the roof of my mouth to my lower gums to prevent problems as the lower teeth shift.  I'm not thrilled about this prospect.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Age limit for Invisalign

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As life spans are increasing, many people are deciding to invest in themselves at older ages than ever before. Some patients are doing complete makeovers even as old as in their 80s! Only you can decide if 59 is too old, but if you choose to do so, you will be in good company.

However, as we age, other factors come into play that weren't as important as a youth. Gum disease can wreak havoc on an orthodontic case, so until the gums are completely healthy and there is no inflammation, starting Invisalign should be delayed.

Never too old for straight teeth! No age limit for Invisalign...

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You are absolutely not too old!.... As long as you desire straight teeth Invisalign will work for you...

What you need to know:

  • Make sure your periodontal status is good - in other words your gums and bone that support your teeth are in good health.
  • Typically Invisalign works best for crowding and space issues.... more complex tooth movements should be accomplished with traditional braces.
  • Keep your teeth clean and follow the protocol and enjoy your straight teeth!

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
Manhattan Dentist

Too old for invisalign?

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Invisalign is a great option for any age but you need to make sure you are periodontally stable too. Anytime there is tooth movement there is bone remodeling. The pressure on a healthy mouth is ok, but if you are periodontally unstable it can cause more problems. I have patients in your age range that have had successful treatment with invisalign.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

Too old for invisalign?

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If your only periodontal problem is recession, then invislaign should be fine as a treatment for crowded teeth, if the case is not too severe. as far as your age, I do agree that patients as old as 60 or 70 have had orthodontic treatment in my office, and even with traditional braces, they had great results and were very happy


Mojdah Akhavan, DDS
San Diego Orthodontist

Never to old for a great smile!

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Age is not a problem for Invisalign.  In fact, we do loads of Invisalign on 40-60 year olds.  I'd love to know more about the recession issue.  Many times we'll wait until after the orthodontics to do the graft.  Other times not.  Be sure to go to the finest periodontist in your area, because the ones who really keep up will know dramatically better modern techniques.  It makes all the difference in your outcome and in the discomfort associated with gum treatment.  Best of luck!

John Whittemore, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Your never too old for Invisalign!

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There really is no age limit for the use of Invisalign.  However the health of the teeth and gums are the most important considerations which could limit any tooth movement method.  Encourage the close the working of your Periodontist and Invisalign Dentist to assure the healthiest result.  Invisalign has advantages over traditional braces and can handle certain difficult corrections better because Aligners can be removed anytime to clean the teeth.  Sensible use of Aligners can be great in the right circumstances.  Have that evaluation by a qualified Invisalign doctor.

Make sure your periodontal environment is healthy

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59 is not too old to get Invisalign treatment.  In our office, we have treated dozens of 60+ year-old patients with excellent results.  As long as your bone structure and periodontal support are healthy, you have a good chance of being a candidate for Invisalign.

There are two reasons someone your age considers Invisalign treatment:
1) improving dental aesthetics
2) his/her periodontist has recommened that the bite or dental alignment be corrected for a more stable occlusion and/or periodontal environment

At 59, you have to make sure that your periodontal environment is healthy and stable.  If your dentist or periodontist recommends Invisalign, then I am under the assumption that your dental environment is healthy and you are ready to start treament.  If you want to go forth with Invisalign, ask your dentist for an orthodontic recommendation.

Tony Cucalon III DDS
San Francisco Orthodontist

Bone condition, not chronological age

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Maybe it is not what you'd like to hear, but I tend to agree with your periodontist about a graft. This procedure will make your gums stronger. While you are at the periodontist office, ask him if it is OK in YOUR case to move teeth and make them straighter. As long as he is OK with the idea, he is giving your clearance to move the teeth.

Age has absolutely nothing to do with chronological age, but bone condition does. Good luck.

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