Invisalign Refinement. is my Second Go,

I am on tray 6 of 11 (top) and 21 (bottom), with 2 attachments (top) and 5 (bottom). I am 62 years old, and had braces many years ago. My orthodontist never mentioned refinements and I only found out about them through research. Are refinements usual? I am a bit concerned - my trays fit fine, although a little tight at first, but I see little change. Thanks!

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Refinements are quite common

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Refinements are quite common in invisalign. It is hard to predict exactly every tooth movement from the initial start, and the refinements allow for detailing to get a great finish.

New York Orthodontist

Refinements don't cost anything extra to the dooctor or the patient

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As already mentioned by other people here, refinements are no big deal. If you need them, you do them. It probably should have been mentioned at the beginning but it doesn't cost you or the doctor anything extra to do it.

Todd Barnett, DMD
Akron Orthodontist

Invisalign refinement is common

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Mid course corrections or refinements are a part of the process.  Never say never, refinements are not certain, you may not need them, but don't worry that something is wrong if you do.

Refinements are part of Invisalign

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The refinements are normal and usual.  Just part of the process, and nothing to be concerned about. 


Dr. Alper

Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

It should work

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You say that the trays are fitting fine. As long as they are fitting the way they should, that is no space between the aligner and the teeth, the teeth should move (all be it very slowly). Check the Clincheck to make sure your teeth look the same as the Clincheck. You can also look at the aligner you are presently wearing and compare that with your teeth. They should look identical.

Yes, refinements are done often. Some Orthodontists do more than others for various reasons.

I will never forget a speech given by Bill Gates where he said nothing ever works all the time.

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
Encino Orthodontist

Invisalign is a great treatment of choice to achieve a healthy smile!! Refinement is common..

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whenever we do Invisalign treatment, we evaluate the smile after the last set of trays are worn..and if minor corrections still need to be done, refinement is the treament of choice....think of it this will achieve optimum results..and a healthy smile!!  Dr Debra Glassman


Steven Glassman, DDS
New York Dentist

Invisalign refinements

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I always tell my patients that there will most likely be a few more aligners after the first phase (which is refinement) This is Normal. I find that most people are relieved to hear that because they have somewhat of a guarantee that their teeth will straighten to their satisfaction (assumming they are compliant). I would say about 80% of my cases do requitre at least one phase of refinement.

Rod Strober, DDS
San Diego Dentist

Refinement may be a good thing with Invisalign!

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Invisalign is a system that predicts how your teeth will move through the clincheck software and clinical research. But no everyone fits the average, and there are many other factors (patient compliance, density of bone, etc) that will influence tooth movement. Thus, refinement is a tool for your doctor, if needed,as a way of detailing your result to make sure that your treatment is a success.

Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign refinements

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Refinements are a normal part of Invisalign treatment. Sometimes they are needed and sometimes not.  Don't worry if your orthodontist didn't mention them; if they are needed I assume he/she will bring the idea up.  If the trays fit well then your treatment is right on track.  Sometimes it seems that not much is happening, but actually it is.  You might ask to see the Clincheck animation to visualize exactly how your teeth moving.  Many orthodontists susbribe to an online sevice called Sesame that allows you to see these animations online.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Invisalgin Refinement

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Refinement is a normal part of the invisalign process.  it is similar to wearing conventional braces and going to the orthodontist and they tell you they will come off in a month, a month later he tells you another month.  The case is just being tweaked.  Absolutely nothing to worry about



Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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