Jowls + Injectable Fillers

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Jowls Are Starting to Appear, What Are The Best Options?

Which is better, a lower face lift or will something like restylane or juvederm work better? READ MORE

Solution for Marionette Lines, Drooping Cheeks and Jawline - Options?

I'm in my mid-thirties and have concerns with my cheeks, jowl area, and under eye area. As a follow up to my original post, I'm attaching a... READ MORE

Will Putting Filler in my Cheeks Tighten my Jawline?

I have early signs of pre-jowling...My cheeks are hollowing. I am only 31. I am wanting a straight jawline without putting filler it. I just want to... READ MORE

Where is the best area to place fillers in the face for the most optimal result? (Photo)

So in general where does the face age first? Undereyes? Cheeks? Jowels? And what area is the best area to place fillers and see the max result for the... READ MORE

What Type of Face Fillers (Including Fat) Are the Most Effective and Safest for the Jowls and Marionette Lines?

I'm 51 and am starting to get jowls and marionette lines. Two doctors said I can start off with face fillers to see how I feel about the result and... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls. What to Do? (photo)

The southward migration has begun. My jowls are drooping and I look like I am frowning all the time. There are so many procedures and options... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers for Jowls

Can fillers be used to treat mild jowls READ MORE

Options to Address Jowls without Using Fillers?

Simple question. How can I lift my pre-jowls? I'm 35, good skin, have had radiesse in the past and happy with the amount of volume on my face. BUT my... READ MORE

Least invasive option for chubby cheeks and jowls? 34 yr old female (Photo)

I've always had chubby cheeks and a slight double chin, mostly unaffected by diet and exercise. I'm otherwise fit and at a healthy weight (5'4,... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old with jowls. Would fillers help? (photos)

I'm only 20 years old but appear to have "jowels" on my jawline. I know it's probably just my bone structure because I've had them for as long as I... READ MORE

There is something asymmetrical and disproportionate about my face. Would filler help? Jowl? Cheek? Is my nose too big? (Photo)

I wouldn't consider surgery, a part for nose job of course, but i think cosmetic medicine could help.. Thank you very much READ MORE

When injected with HA fillers, do the fat pads in your cheek and jowls, etc. (malar pads, etc) re-position themselves?

I'm confused as to whether or not HA fillers are able to actually re-position the fat pads in your face (if injected with them) or if they're only... READ MORE

Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look! What is best? Age 37yrs (Photo)

My Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look is bothering me.. I am 37yrs, have done botox and fillers many times but need more realstic... READ MORE

Could fillers lift my face? Surgery is not an option for me. Thanks!

I'm noticing that within the last year my face has been going downwards and would like to do something about it before it gets worse. Could fillers... READ MORE

36, how best to treat early jowling? (Photo)

36 year old female concerned re: early jowling, deep nasolabial folds and overall tired appearance. Wondering if issues are best temporized with... READ MORE

33 year old starting to get jowls. Help! (Photo)

I've always looked young for my age and still sometimes gets mistaken for a 22 year old but recently i've noticed i am getting jowls!!! i absolutly... READ MORE

Double Chin and Jowl Treatment? Female / 35 years (Photo)

I'm looking for the right treatment for my double chin and developing jowl. and i'm wondering around how much it would cost? and how long the recovery... READ MORE

Filler(s) For Jaw or Jowls? I Want To Get Rid of a Double Chin.

Hi, I am a 32 year old female. I have noticed over the past couple (3) years that my lower Jaw, Jowls Area has receded as though i dont have one. i... READ MORE

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