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How soon after hyaluronidase can you get more filler? (photos)

I had hyaluronidase injected this afternoon to dissolve Juvederm under the eyes that had created puffiness and tyndall effect. Seems that the enzyme... READ MORE

Filler Disaster and I Have Already Undergone 4 Attempts at Hyaluronidase-Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

I had restylane put in to correct under eye hollowing but it seemed to dissappear too quickly so, I started using Juverderm. Mistake! I now have so... READ MORE

Is There a Topical Hyaluronidase Product?

Is there something less invasive like a cream that may help with the excess puffiness I have on one side of my face. It's been 5 years since having... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Go Back to Normal After Hyaluronidase?

I have had 4 injections of hyaluranise under my eye and still have puffiness. How long does it take to go back to baseline? READ MORE

After Hyaluronidase was injected in my lips my natural flesh was gone. Will it ever come back or am I damaged for life? (photos)

After 2 syringes of Juvederm ultra. My lips were puffy and there was also a lot of filler inside my mouth. After he injected the syringe of... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Under Eyes? Please Help- Thank You!

I have had a rough 6 months after having restylane injected under eyes (dissolved, then ulthera, then restylane reinjected, fractional co2, vein... READ MORE

How long will it take for the eye puffiness, huge water retention in face and swollen jowls to resolve from Hyaluronidase?

Had an overfill of juvaderm in cheeks injected 3 months ago. Iv had several rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve. Im not sure how much filler is left... READ MORE

Puffy and Redness After Juvederm Dissolved

How long before the puffiness under the eye (which looks like a ball) and redness to go away. It is so depressing to see this red ball under my eye, I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hyaluronidase & Fillers? (photos)

I have had 3 seperate injections into the tear trough area and now one of my eyes has a dark circle with a little puffiness and more wrinkles that I... READ MORE

Why would the practitioner who messed my face up with Uma Jeunesse tell me it can't be dissolved?

With una junesse filler. Tell me it can't be dissolved. Had una junesse on one side of nasal/mouth line.spoke to company who makes the product they... READ MORE

Puffy under eyes after Juvederm injections almost a year ago. Is there anything that be done to correct it? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected under my eyes to fill in hollows almost a year ago and it created bags under my eyes, especially under the left eye. They look... READ MORE

Why Is Dissolving Juverderm in Lip Not Working Well?

Hi, I've been trying to get rid of superficially filled juverderm in my bottom lip. been nearly 10times to 3 different practitioners and still have... READ MORE

Is hyaluronidase safe to dissolve Juvederm inside the nose? Will they cause blindness and dissolve my own collagen too?

I had juvederm injected between my brow 7 yrs ago and never dissolve! Now is getting puffier and have a little bump sticking out and doctor told me... READ MORE

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