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Indented Areas from Hyaluronidase Injections

I had hyaluroniase injected to lessen the raised worm-like lines from overfilling of Juvederm in my eye/cheek groove. I went home with ice pack and... READ MORE

How Can a Dent Under Eye After an Overcorrection of Hyaluronidase Be Treated?

3 weeks ago an MD injected my eyes with hyaluronidase(I wantedYAG 1064). He used too much, now I have a deep dent under 1 eye. The next week he... READ MORE

Will my Face Ever Recover..hyalurondaise? (photo)

I had juvy and restylane injected under my tear trough area to get rid of shadows which left me with bags. My doctor suggested hyalurondaise to... READ MORE

Why Do the Doctors Say That Hyaluronidase Doesn't Cause Any Damage?

I had excessive hyurandase injections to dissolve juvederm ultra plus administered by my doctor in my nasal labial folds without my consent! The... READ MORE

Large Dent Under Right Eye Following Hyaluronidase Injection, How To Resolve?

Please help, i had very puffy eyes following filler so had hyaluronidase injected to remove it. this caused dents, so had more filler, this again... READ MORE

Please Help! Hyaluronidase for filler removal - specific question. (photo)

I had filler 2 different times in the past 3 months to fix a dent left in my forehead from a cortisone injection. Although it is now pretty... READ MORE

Dent after Hylauronidise injection?

I had juvederm on my forehead and I was over filled with filler so I had hylauronidase injected and now I have a huge dent... Bigger than the one... READ MORE

Dent in my cheek after multiple Hyaluronidase to remove volume (Photo)

I had to have three Hyalurondase vitrase treatments because I was having swelling and pain after voluma which would not settle down after 2 months in... READ MORE

Would the collagen regenerate in the dent area created by Hyaluronidase injection (no fillers on the face before)?

I had a thread lift on April which went "acceptable" but most importantly no major problem. 1 month afterwards there is a cone that was "stuck" on my... READ MORE

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