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Balding or Big Forehead? (photo)

Okay, so I recently cut off my long hair and lately I have been paying a lot of attention to my hairline. I've always had a big forehead since I was a... READ MORE

What Are the Options for Naturally Thin (Not Thinning) Hair?

I'm a 22-year-old female and have always had fine, thin hair -- in terms of both the hair shaft diameter and the number of hairs on my head. If a... READ MORE

Hair Implants for Woman in Her 20's?

Is it possible to have hair implants if you are a woman in her mid 20's and just have over-all very thin hair? READ MORE

Why is my hair still very thin after five and half months of hair transplant?

My hair after five and half months is still very thin and hair is not too close, hair gap is very much notable... I have stopped minoxidil coz my doc... READ MORE

4 months post op. Transplanted hair is too thin. Will it get better and thicker? (Photo)

Im 4 months and a week post op transplanted 3200 grafts concentrated in the front and mid scalp but didnt like the results so far hairs are too thin... READ MORE

24F; Am I a Good Candidate For Hair Transplant? I Have Had Thin Hair From Birth.

Can a 24 Year Old Girl Be a Good Candidate for the Surgery...i Have Thin Hair Right from Birth...can There Be Some Improvement? READ MORE

Hair Transplant or Topical Treatment?

My mom is 45 years old and has a dreadfully thin crown area. does she need a transplant or should she try to work with a derm for a more topical... READ MORE

Number of grafts and density. 9 months post surgery and my hair is thin and some are vellus. Will I get good density?

Hello. I was diagnosed with a Norwood 2 class hair loss. I received a transplant of 1800 grafts and this was my first procedure. I am 33 years old, my... READ MORE

Thin donor area (photo)

I did my transplant surgery approx a month back and was classified as norwood class 5A And they couldnt harvest more than 3000 grafts from the donor... READ MORE

4000 grafts hair transplant, 10 months results. What should I do now? (photos)

I had hair transplant (4000 grafts) 10 months ago in a clinic called Medical Park in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm not satisfied with the result. It doesn't... READ MORE

Can we do hair transplants to places where hair never grew to begin with?

Hair transplants for the eyebrows- can we get hair to grow somewhere where there never was hair loss or damaged follicles? For example- someone with... READ MORE

i have too much oily hair on my scalp, and my hair is very thin and weak. What's the solution?

Am 29 old i have had too much oily hair scalp so after one hour from washing my hair will get oily again and my hair graft too thin and weak seriously... READ MORE

How much time does it take to get full results after a hair transplant surgery?

Hey, it's been 8 months since my surgery, and the hair grew a little bit but it's still looks like I'm bald, because it's still thin.. so how much... READ MORE

My transplanted hair is still thin. 10 month Post op.

I have done hair transplant around 10 months ago.After 4-5 months I got good hair.And density was decent.But now 10 months post op.I see the hair is... READ MORE

How does my hair actually look? Can you clear up myths about thin hair under direct light and thick hair under no direct light?

My washroom mirror makes hair transplant appear thicker. The light shines from the mirror and not above. My hair looks thinner in an elevator or... READ MORE

Does the ARTAS, FUT or FUE hair transplant require cutting your hair?

I'm a female in my late 20's. I don't THINK i suffer from female pattern baldness, it doesn't run in my family and there's no balding in my part area.... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow transplant 2.5 months ago. I had very thin eyebrows from you over plucking. He put 150 in each eyebrow. Advice?

Eyebrow transplant. I am beginning to think that 150 grafts per eyebrow is not enough to get thick brows I was told I'd have to pay another 2k if I... READ MORE

Hair Fall after 6 month of Hair Transplant. Any suggestions?

I had my hair transplant 6 months ago. Now these days when I comb daily I see few ((15-20 No’s) thin and shorter length hair on the comb and on my s... READ MORE

Would I be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant? (photos)

I am 35 years old. I have recession and thinning that started about 10 years ago and have been slowly progressing. I am on minox- don't want to take... READ MORE

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