Rubbing + Hair Transplant

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Cleaning the scabs post-op procedure?

I'm now 14 days post-OP,all the crusts/scabs are still out there,because I was scared not to rub or itch the recipient area (just washing daily with... READ MORE

After Eyebrow Hair Implants, Fear of Rubbing Area While Sleeping?

I am getting eyebrow implants in a few weeks. I am concerned about sleeping as the area needs to be uncovered and untouched for 4 -7 days. My Dr has... READ MORE

23 days after hair transplant, while I was sleeping, I found that I was rubbing my transplanted head on pillow (Photo)

I was feeling itchy while sleeping.Some 15 or 20 hairs fell on my pillow. Will they grow back? READ MORE

Difference between scratching and rubbing/massaging on grafted area after hair transplant?

I am just wondering about the difference between scratching and rubbing/massaging the itch on the recepient area after hair transplant. A lot of... READ MORE

Can hair transplant grafts be dislodged/killed from 2 weeks post op?

I had gone to my local GP to get my FUT stitches removed, as I had my transplant abroad and afterwards she had checked the recipient for any scalp... READ MORE

Is it safe if I rub my hair hard after 1 year hair transplant?

I had my hair transplant 1 year a ago. Today i had hair cut and shampoo. The lady who shampoo my hair she rubs and massages my head so hard. Is it... READ MORE

Should I rub the scabs off gently 13/14 days post the hair transplant? (Photo)

I had a hair transplant 13 days the implanted area is almost dry and scabs are being shed itself..should i rub the other scabs off gently or... READ MORE

Can I gently rub my transplanted hair? (Photo)

I had 3000 hairs transplanted in the front of my head 8 days ago exactly I have a lot of scabsRecently when I applied shampoo I started using the tip... READ MORE

I vigorously rubbed (with frictional moves) the transplanted area 3 weeks post op (Photo)

After rubbing half of the new hairs were fallen the same day. Did I do something extremly wrong and damaged the grafts? Will they grow again? And, my... READ MORE

Hair falling out at day 9 of hair transplant, too soon or normal?

It's my 9th day since the transplant and some hairs have fallen out with the scabs...when I showered and gently rubbed my head to help slough off the... READ MORE

Are my grafts falling out after fut? (photos)

Had my hair transplant and after 14 days , I rubbed my transplanted area in circular motion without wetting them ...are my grafts falling out ? READ MORE

When do you know a transplanted eyelash came out too soon?

I gently rubbed a scab off my eyelash because it looked like debri and it looked bad for work. It might have been day 9 I think. And sadly the... READ MORE

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