Rubbing + Hair Transplant

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Cleaning the scabs post-op procedure?

I'm now 14 days post-OP,all the crusts/scabs are still out there,because I was scared not to rub or itch the recipient area (just washing daily with... READ MORE

23 days after hair transplant, while I was sleeping, I found that I was rubbing my transplanted head on pillow (Photo)

I was feeling itchy while sleeping.Some 15 or 20 hairs fell on my pillow. Will they grow back? READ MORE

After Eyebrow Hair Implants, Fear of Rubbing Area While Sleeping?

I am getting eyebrow implants in a few weeks. I am concerned about sleeping as the area needs to be uncovered and untouched for 4 -7 days. My Dr has... READ MORE

Difference between scratching and rubbing/massaging on grafted area after hair transplant?

I am just wondering about the difference between scratching and rubbing/massaging the itch on the recepient area after hair transplant. A lot of... READ MORE

Is it safe if I rub my hair hard after 1 year hair transplant?

I had my hair transplant 1 year a ago. Today i had hair cut and shampoo. The lady who shampoo my hair she rubs and massages my head so hard. Is it... READ MORE

Did I ruin my hair transplant by rubbing the scabs and crust off? (Photos)

Gently Massaged/Rubbed scabs/crust off on 8th and 9th day. Concerned I ruined surgery. READ MORE

Can hair transplant grafts be dislodged/killed from 2 weeks post op?

I had gone to my local GP to get my FUT stitches removed, as I had my transplant abroad and afterwards she had checked the recipient for any scalp... READ MORE

I vigorously rubbed (with frictional moves) the transplanted area 3 weeks post op (Photo)

After rubbing half of the new hairs were fallen the same day. Did I do something extremly wrong and damaged the grafts? Will they grow again? And, my... READ MORE

Can I gently rub my transplanted hair? (Photo)

I had 3000 hairs transplanted in the front of my head 8 days ago exactly I have a lot of scabsRecently when I applied shampoo I started using the tip... READ MORE

Hair falling out at day 9 of hair transplant, too soon or normal?

It's my 9th day since the transplant and some hairs have fallen out with the scabs...when I showered and gently rubbed my head to help slough off the... READ MORE

Should I rub the scabs off gently 13/14 days post the hair transplant? (Photo)

I had a hair transplant 13 days the implanted area is almost dry and scabs are being shed itself..should i rub the other scabs off gently or... READ MORE

Dry skin after beard transplant. Can I start to gently rub the dry skin to get it off? (Photo)

Hi guys 10 days after beard transplant I'm getting lots of dry skin and some shedding of hairs which I know Is normal iv been given a cleaning... READ MORE

Putting some pressure when rubbing shampoo on scalp 1 month after HT

Sir after 1 month post ht transplant i am finding some scab on crown area. so is it safe to rub that area with light pressure on scalp with or without... READ MORE

Did I Ruin My hair Transplant by rubbing my scabs off?

First of all , Thanks to Doctors for Providing me Answer for my Previous Question , I had Hair Transplant of 3000 grafts 24 days back . I had lot of... READ MORE

Are my grafts falling out after fut? (photos)

Had my hair transplant and after 14 days , I rubbed my transplanted area in circular motion without wetting them ...are my grafts falling out ? READ MORE

Is it going to affect my final result?

I was advised by my surgeon, not to touch the transplanted hair for 25 days but at the 12th day i irrigated the hair and gently started to rub, hair... READ MORE

Are these hair with graft due to rubbing of head gently. (Photo)

I m rubbing my head smoothly 20 days after ht Am I losing graft or just hair READ MORE

Worried I lost grafts after beard transplant. Rubbed gently at day 10 to remove flakes. Is it normal? (photo)

Hi, I have done the beard transplant on the 29th of June 2017. It was 3300 grafts on chin area and some of the sides just to cover some patches. At... READ MORE

Is it safe to rub out topic from your transplant area?

Hi I recently got a fut hair transplant in my frontal area about 5 months ago. My hair is slowly growing. I use hair powder around my hairline where I... READ MORE

When do you know a transplanted eyelash came out too soon?

I gently rubbed a scab off my eyelash because it looked like debri and it looked bad for work. It might have been day 9 I think. And sadly the... READ MORE

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