1 Month Post-op + Hair Transplant

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Will Wearing a hat to work after hair transplant effect growth later on?

I took two weeks off work but when I returned to work I been wearing my hat or hard hat im a mounth post op just wondering if I can wear hat or no?... READ MORE

One month after FUE what to expect? (photos)

Hi I had my FUE a month back First photo is my status one week after surgery The other photo is one month after surgery Can u plz focus on my scalp in... READ MORE

Can I Wear Tight Caps 1 Month After Hair Transplant?

Hi all tomorrow will be one month after my hair transplant, it was a FUT surgery with 3200 grafts and i was wondering if it is safe now to wear a... READ MORE

I Am Not Losing Any Hair After 4 Weeks After my Transplant?

Is that common? I did not loose any hair after four weeks. What I know from blog is that all most all transplanted hair may fall within 3 to 4 weeks.... READ MORE

is it possible that the grafts are not safe or (came out) after one month?

Hey, i have a H.T one month ago and it was fine but there was many scabs on my scalp and after one month i strarted to comb my hair to remove the... READ MORE

Which is the best head wear to choose for covering the scalp 4 weeks after FUE Hair Transplant?

Its been 4 weeks post my Hair Transplant. I am a student and now that my college is resumed after holidays, I need something to cover my head to stop... READ MORE

How soon can I use Anti Dandruff shampoo after a FUT/Strip method surgery

Hi dear Docs, I had an FUT/Strip method surgery 5 weeks ago. My doc advised me to not use anti-dandruff shampoo for 6 weeks after surgery. But my... READ MORE

I am post 1 month HT and went to sauna for an hour after 1 month. Am I safe or have i disturbed the Hair grafts.?

I was in and out of Sauna for an hour. Do i disturb my new hair graft follicles or skin? i am post 1 month HT. regards sinu READ MORE

Is it normal to have blood clots appearing in the recipient area 1 month post-op? (Photo)

I had hair transplant with FUE targeting mainly the frontal part of my head. One morning around 25 days post-op, I woke up with what appeared to be... READ MORE

Is redness, pimples and holes normal 4 weeks post FUT? (photo)

I recently had a FUT procedure, I am 4 weeks postoperative. For for about 2 weeks, I have been having pimples; with pus, redness and I noticed small... READ MORE

28 days post op Neograft, I noticed quite a bit of grafts have fallen off. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I am 28 days post Neograft... Up until about 3 weeks post transplant I had not lost to many grafts that were implanted (for receding hairline).... READ MORE

Hair grafts coming out after a month of surgery (photos)

Hello doctor I had my hair transplant surgery of 2000 grafts about a month ago but now suddenly after a month i found that the transplanted grafts are... READ MORE

Will new holes in my face heal after facial hair transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had facial hair transplant surgery just under 30 days ago. My chin area now has hundreds of holes that have not healed. I did not have any... READ MORE

It has been almost 1 month after the transplant and I start to get dandruff and itching. Is this normal? (photos)

Is it normal is this dandaruff ??? can I use oil so scalp be more soft and the dandruff goes??? this is dandruff right or just dead skin can u tell by... READ MORE

Scabs even after a month. Can transplanted hair fall out with roots during the first month?

Hei Dr. I have got Hair Transplant one month ago. I still have scab in my scalp and most of the transplanted hair have still not fallen off. But when... READ MORE

Is this folliculitis in my scalp? (Photo)

I've had hair transplant done 5 weeks ago. Everything has been normal and as advised so far. Does this look like a case of folliculitis or could it be... READ MORE

When can I see new hair emerging from scalp? Is it necessary that all hair first go into shedding phase and then start to grow?

Hello.. my age is 22 and i had a hair transplant 4 weeks ago at hair line only (1750 grafts) (FUT) . 50 percent of transplanted hairs are shed. I am... READ MORE

Is it okay to use gel and hair concealer after hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant 5.5 weeks ago. Is it okay to use gel and hair concealer on the transplanted area with no negative effects on my transplant? READ MORE

I'm 1 month post op and my hair is falling out. What can I do to stop it? (Photo)

Thanks for u all, I made a hair transplantation jan 11 2015, it's completed now 24 days. I have small black dot in my transplanted area, that is newly... READ MORE

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