Sinus Surgery Overview

  • Sinus surgery is an elective medical procedure sought by people experiencing chronic sinusitus, sinus headaches, or sinus infections. 
  • Sinus surgery covers a very broad range of potential procedures of the nose and sinuses. Most people with chronic sinus problems do not have surgery on their actual sinuses. These patients have a deviated septum or large turbinates, which contribute to their sinus or allergy symptoms, and they benefit from septoplasty and turbinate reduction.
  • New sinus surgery techniques have moved toward being less destructive, preserving the anatomical structures and restoring movement of air through sinuses . Techniques include balloon dilation, endoscopic, CT imaging, and microdebrider.
  • For mild to moderate cases, a new procedure using a balloon to open the sinuses may offer relief. Since this is an experimental treatment, your insurance coverage may not apply.

Source: Doctors posting on RealSelf

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