PicoSure Tattoo Removal: Real Stories From RealSelf [PHOTOS]

Real People Share Real Experiences Using PicoSure for Tattoos.

For some people, the decision to get a tattoo was impulsive, under the influence -- or worse -- an act out of love for someone who’s no longer around. What once felt like a good idea turned into tattoo regret.

To date, there are several lasers that doctors use to treat unwanted tattoos. But the newest one on the market -- PicoSure -- uses a picosecond laser that, according to doctors who have used it, can erase ink with fewer treatments and can lighten colors (like green) that were previously difficult to remove. Since there aren't a lot of devices in use yet, there's not very much patient experience. But here's what RealSelf community members have been saying about PicoSure. You can also watch the video above to see how an actual treatment is done.

Worth It

“I was just treated with the PicoSure on Friday, May 24. Amazing results. If you are not getting treated by this laser please stop your treatments! This is one of the smaller tattoos that I am treating. I still have the huge outline on my back. I treated the whole thing and I also see a lot of breakup in the lines and fading in the colored part. That one I am not willing to share just because I am soooo embarrassed of it.” -- Unink Me

*Treatment results may vary

Not Sure

“I've been getting requests for updates regarding being treated with the PicoSure so I'll make a quick post earlier than expected...

The fading so far seems to be going well. I'm mostly noticing a difference where I had shading. A lot of the ink from those sections has already faded and now the skin is mostly just red and peeling. I feel like I won't know the extent of fading until more of the redness begins to disappear over the next few weeks.

A lot of the thin black lines I had turned bright red in the few days after treatment and now appear to be a light pink or brown. I'm not sure if they will remain this color until after the next treatment or if they'll just fade out.” -- C_Boston13

*Treatment results may vary

Not Worth It

"... I went to Phoenix and had a treatment with the new picosure laser. The place I went to was VERY clean, and VERY nice. Everyone I worked with was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I only had to wait about 5 minutes, and then took me back to the “laser” room.

First they injected the tattoo with numbing solution. I was not a fan of this. The injections were very painful! In the past I used the cooling method and like that WAY better. The injections left the tattoo bruised and swollen for about 5 days. So if you have an option... go with the cooling machine!

They started to laser the tattoo. They used the new picosure on the black and a different laser on the red. I didn’t feel much of anything due to the injections. There was a faint smell of burning skin lol, but over all a good experience. They bandaged the tattoo up, and I went on my way.

About 4 hours later I took the bandage off. The tattoo looked the same as the first laser removal session. The tattoo was a little raised, but hardly any blisters. The red ink had the most blisters. I believe they have to use a higher frequency on the red ink. Then, I noticed that they didn’t do the shading. I was disappointed with this! I paid $350.00 for the removal and they did not do the full tattoo! I was going to call about this but decided against it.

I keep the tattoo covered, and out of the sun. I keep healing ointment and lotion on the tattoo at all times. I even lotion the tattoo after it is healed. I noticed at about day 5 the skin started to peel. Also, the ink was peeling off with the skin! (I was excited about this!) I can’t remember if this was the case in my first laser removal session. I’m at day 12 now. The tattoo is healing nicely. It itches some, but not unbearable. I just keep it moist and put anti-itch cream on it.

The laser didn’t seem any more or less traumatic on my skin. Seemed about the same as my first session. Do I think the picosure laser was worth?? Not really!! Maybe because it was only 1 session, but I didn’t notice a HUGE difference. They way they talk about this laser it was expecting dramatic results. I have posted a picture for you all to look at an judge yourself." -- AprilMang4

*Treatment results may vary

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