Nipple Surgery Overview

Nipple surgery (or areola surgery) is a form of plastic surgery used in nipple reduction, areola reduction, nipple reconstruction, nipple augmentation, and nipple repair.

Nipple inversion surgery

Most cases of nipple inversion occur during breast development, although on occasion the problem may arise due to scarring from breast feeding, from an infection in the ductal system, or from previous breast surgery. Inversion may occur on one or both sides.

Nipples that point inward instead of outward can be corrected with a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Inverted nipples are often corrected at the time of breast augmentation and mastopexy (
breast lift) procedures, but can also be augmented solely as an in-office surgery under local anesthesia.

Some procedures used to correct the inversion preserve the milk ducts (and thus the ability to lactate), while other require that the ducts be divided which prevents later lactation. Milder cased of nipple inversion can usually be corrected by duct-preserving techniques, while more severe cases usually require complete division of the ducts.

Nipple augmentation to enlarge nipples

Creating a more erect nipple may be possible.  Consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss options that may include cartilage or fat graft or possibly injection a filler such as
Juvederm or Radiesse.

Nipple reduction surgery

When nipples are too large, pendulous, or over-projecting a nipple reduction can be performed.The plastic surgeon may perform a horizontal ellipse excision of about 50% of the extra nipple and close with dissolvable sutures. Nipple reduction surgery is done under local anesthesia. Plastic surgeons will not recommend nipple reduction surgery if you have plans to breast feed sometime in the future.

Areola reduction

There are several factors which must be considered when deciding if an areolar reduction would be a satisfactory procedure and whether or not you would get the result that you are expecting.

1. An areolar reduction is really a breast lift also know as a mastopexy. The assumption is that if you have large areola that you also have some degree of breast sagging. A doughnut mastopexy or breast lift would remove the excess skin from around the areola and basically dart it in around the new width of the areola. This outer skin comes together like a purse string.

2. There are some conditions of the breast, such as a tuberous breast that have a large areola but a very constricted base of the breast. This is an entirely different situation and would best be handled using an implant as well as a similar type of breast lift.

3. You never know exactly what will happen with the breasts following a pregnancy. But more many woman you would expect there to be more stretching of the breast and the areola. If you are thinking about getting pregnant in the near future it would be best to wait.

4. The procedure of a doughnut mastopexy can work quite well on the correct person and breast shape. If the pre-existing breast shape is less than optimal you can end up with a flattened breast with an areola that will simply stretch out again with time.

5. The first step for you would be to have an examination by an experienced plastic surgeon, after you are examined the options for improvement can be discussed in detail. Things like the quality of your skin, size of your existing breasts, degree of sagging and width of the areolas can then be considered.

Male nipple reduction

Nipple reduction for men is a procedure offered by plastic surgeons. Depending upon the reason for nipple protrusion, you might need either a procedure that directly reduces the length of the nipple itself, or one that helps reduce the fullness underneath. The first technique simply removes the excess nipple tissue itself. The second would involve removing any fat or breast tissue that is responsible for pushing the nipple forward.

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