Breast Implants: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Boob Job

You’re officially over it. Be it beach or sweater time, you’re over being “itty bitty,” and you want a little or a lot more. After ample research, you make the decision—it’s time for that dream boob job.

Before you have a breast augmentation, either by breast implants or fat transfer, it's important to get all the facts. Our breast augmentation guide will help you prepare, but here are the six things our RealSelf community members wish they'd known before getting a boob job.

1. When you get breast implants, you will need at least one or more surgeries later on.

“On a more serious note, and because I'm the CM of breast implant removal, I would like all women to know that breast implants are not lifetime devices. They almost always have to be replaced or removed at some point in a woman's life. I'm shocked at how many women don't know this.” – Angiemcc

2. When deciding on size, be wary of 'boob greed.'

“My doctor was pretty firm on my [implant] selection—[taking into consideration] my wishes, body type, and maximum [he felt] my body would accept. My choice certainly [has] not impacted my balance, grace, or make me look inappropriate in any way.” – almosttime

Before and After Breast Augmentation Pictures by a RealSelf User

3. What you see immediately after surgery isn’t the final result.

“Take a lot of pics from different angles the first few days. Two or three weeks later, you will be glad you did. You can look back and see just how much progress you have made. They change so much the first two weeks or so. It's easy to get discouraged, because you are looking at them every day, and you might not realize how much they are changing. If you have day 1 and 2 photos to look at, you will feel so much better.” – redglory

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4. Yes, the 'boobie blues' are a real thing.

“The fact that you lose your independence for a good two weeks is depressing. You will also feel like you made a mistake and regret getting [your implants] during this depression—and I think the pain meds contribute to feeling depressed. At the start of the second week, things felt better.” – sweetcin02

*Treatment results may vary

Dr. John Nguyen answers common questions about aftercare following breast augmentation.

5. Your 'glam squad' membership will be temporarily suspended.

“Throw vanity out the door for the first few weeks. I wasn't permitted to move much or lift anything for the first few weeks, so exercise is out and some weight gain is inevitable. Short term gain for, well, long term gain! Buy a comfy dress to hide your shape. I lived in a loose grey dress for the first few weeks to conceal my swollen ‘girls’ and not draw attention to myself. They looked cartoonish and huge due to swelling.” – titsianabooberelli

6. That my bikini bod might not look 'exactly' like Kate Upton’s.

“My plastic surgeon explained that my breasts would look exactly the same, except bigger. And that's exactly what happened. [I also] thought I was going have cleavage—well, I don't. My breasts are kinda far apart, but that's just how I'm built. I love my results!” – jerzeegirl

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