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Can Fraxel Be Used on Arms and Legs?

Is it safe on any other body parts other than the face and does it treat brown spots and hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

Thermage Vs Fraxel Restore for Crepey Skin and Sun Damage on Legs?

I have sun damage and crepe paper type skin on both legs. I'm wondering if Thermage or Fraxel Restore would be the best treatment? I'm so confused! READ MORE

Can Fraxel Be Used on Legs to Remove Sun Damage and Repair Crepey Skin?

I have sun damage on my calves and thighs and the skin has become crepey. Will fraxel help stimulate collagen production and get rid of sun spots? READ MORE

Fraxel for White Spots on Arms and Shoulders?

 What kind of procedure would improve white spots where there appears to be no more pigment left? Are these white spots considered age spots? READ MORE

I have hypopigmentation after Fraxel Restore. Can Latisse be applied to my scars to darken their pigmentation? (photos)

Had 2 treatments of Fraxel restore done on surgical scars on my legs. Now the scars are lighter than the surrounding skin. Can Latisse be applied to... READ MORE

Which laser would be best for my leg hyperpigmentation?

Which treatment would be better, Fraxel dual 1927 or Q switched laser? I am trying to lighten the pigmented areas only. My skin is dark and type 5. I... READ MORE

Redness from Fraxel Restore?

Calve muscle on legs I have 2 large scars from surgery for compartment syndrome I have had 5 pulse dye lasers and 4 fraxel restore treatments the... READ MORE

Surgical scars on legs are lighter after Fraxel Restore. (photos)

My scars seem to have lightened after 2 Fraxel Restore treatments. Also they were red for 4 weeks post treatment. I have sensitive skin which is fair... READ MORE

Can Fraxel cause already light scars to lighten further or hypopigment?

Hi, I just completed my second session of fraxel restore on 4 surgical scars on my legs. However, the scars, especially one in particular, seem to... READ MORE

Does Fraxel work on the body?

I was told that Fraxel wouldn't work on my chest, legs and arms because there are no oil glands in those areas. Is this true? If so, is there an... READ MORE

FX laser contraindicated when taking Humira?

I have grannuloma annulare. It was very extensive on my legs and arms. Completely stained my calves from knee to foot. Humira has completely cleared... READ MORE

Can Fraxel lasering improve the sun damage to my lower legs? (Photo)

My doctor told me the red bumps on my legs was due to sun damage. I am 66 years old and for the last 5 years have noticed this condition on my legs.... READ MORE

Can fraxel laser treat light laser damaged skin?

I am a dark cocoa skin colored person. I had about 4 light laser treatments in past 4 years to lighten dark spots on legs. Outcome was pigment turned... READ MORE

Is Fraxel treatment the best option for my hyper pigmentation scars on my legs? (photos)

I'm black, 32 years of age, female and live in South Africa, I've had my scars on my legs now for 10 years and decided I want to try and get rid of... READ MORE

How to get rid of the pigmentation on my legs after Fraxel Laser Treatment for stretch marks?

Two years ago I had a laser treatment for my stretch mark on my legs, after it the pigmentation marks appeared. I have tried hydroquinone 2 and 4% and... READ MORE

Will more Fraxel treatments get rid of my leg scars or at least make them blend better to my skin? (Photos)

I've done a total of 4 fraxel treatments since fall 2014. Last one was in September 2016 after a year break. It was with a new doctor that used such a... READ MORE

Safe to use Flexbelt series after Fraxel for legs?

I am going for fraxel treatment for the first time for my legs and have questions about aftercare. I recently started using Flexbelt (abdomen),... READ MORE

Can Fraxel laser treatment cause chronic itching underneath the skin?

Many years ago, when Fraxel laser was first introduce by my dermatologist, I had the fraxel laser treatment to remove scarring on my legs. I only had... READ MORE

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