Indentation + Fraxel Laser

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How to Correct Fraxel Damage?

I have suffered damage from the fraxel laser. This has manifested itself in the form of fat loss in the forehead and the temples. The results are... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore for Shallow Facial Indentations?

I have shallow but significantly wide indentations in my facial skin caused by complications with facial peels. Can Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore... READ MORE

Can an Indented Scar on the Scalp Be Excised to Be at Least Flat? (photo)

I got the staples out of my head and the wound healed up good but the bad news is The scar is horrible. the Dr. did a horrendous job closing the wound... READ MORE

Cutaneous Indentations, Anyway To Fix Them?

I have cutaneous indentations from botched Fraxel treatment, did laser go too deep and is there a way to fix them ? READ MORE

Treatment for early acne scars?

Is fraxel restore, eMatrix, or dermarolling best for early acne scars (i.e., indented, hyper pigmented acne scars that have been present for only... READ MORE

Scar on Cheek Immediately After Fraxel Restore 1927?

Today I had my second Fraxel treatment, the first was the 1550 wavelength and this one was the 1927. I had no issues with the first treatment, just a... READ MORE

Fraxel for indentation on nose? (Photo)

I've had this indentation on my nose since I was a teenager, and was wondering what was the best option for such a thing (lasers vs. fillers?). It... READ MORE

Fraxel settings for scar on forehead?

I have a long but narrow, slightly indented but almost flat, shiny textured surgical scar running across my forehead.I had one fraxel restore at... READ MORE

Desperate for help. Will Fraxel Dual help my scars? (photos)

2 months ago, I stupidly burned myself with an at-home Fraxel laser. When I saw some crusting the next day, I aggressively started rubbing it, which... READ MORE

Indented surgical scar from mole shave biopsy. Scheduled for FRAXEL CO2 in less than two weeks. Any suggestion? (photo)

It's been about five months and I have this indented scar on the front of my neck that has been bothering me since I got a shave biopsy roughly five... READ MORE

Will this scar. Fraxel on indented scar on 4/21/16 (photos)

Fraxel on 4/21 for indented scar It turned brown. Applied 6% hydroquinone lotion. It's now red/pink, raised and shiny I was told to apply silicone... READ MORE

Fraxel procedure after a scalp micropigmentation treatment? (photos)

I'm not completely happy with my SMP in my donor scar. I heard that a Fraxel procedure can improve the scar. My scars are indented. Please help with... READ MORE

What methods can I do to improve my indented acne scars and hyperpigmentation?

My skin had scars like shown due to a bad cosmetologist experience. She used a drawing knife to cut open some pimples 6-7 years ago. Then, things got... READ MORE

Best time for Fraxel after botched dermatology biopsy?

I have an indented scar from what I thought was supposed to be a superficial biopsy from the dermatology PA. It has been 7 weeks. When would be the... READ MORE

Surgery scar on cervical neck, indented & scar tissue surrounding incision makes it look wide. Would Fraxel Laser help? (photo)

Surgery scar on cervical neck, it's indented and there is scar tissue surrounding incision makes it look wide. Would fraxel laser help? The skin is... READ MORE

Does Laser Genisis help?

The clinic that did this to me is now offering laser Genisis I have indents and cat scratch marks> i ve been to a dermatologist and he is agreeing... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser on Forehead Scars? (photos)

I have a few indented scars on my forehead. I have recently had 2 Fraxel treatments and am due to have another 4. I have not seen any improvement yet... READ MORE

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