Hydroquinone + Fraxel Laser

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When Can I Use Hydroquinone 4%?

I had a fraxel C02 laser procedure on 12/23/11. I still have some discoloration on the left side of my face (the procedure did make it lighter). How... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Absolutely Necessary Before Fraxel?

I never had the fraxel treatment before, and I was consulting my dermatologist if I should get some. He said, that before putting me under the... READ MORE

Does Hydroquinone Prevent Hyperpigmentation Pre- and Post-Fraxel Restore?

I am type 3 skin. Dark hair & dark eyes. Caucasian. I had the normal restore (not the new added thulium laser) done on my face. I did not... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Hyperpigmentation, Will Hydroquinone Topically Help to Fade the Pigmentation?

I got a fraxel restore a month ago. a day after the treatment, I had horrible white head break outs. I was really red for two weeks and the redness... READ MORE

Do I Have to Use Hydroquinone After Fraxel Restore?

I had a fraxel restore treatment for melasma. The doctor suggest me to use dydroquinone cream for 6 weeks after first week. But I'm trying to... READ MORE

Will this dark-grey skin around my mouth and forehead ever disappear? I had Fraxel more than 2 months ago. (Photo)

I am Hispanic, 45, dark skin, and had Fraxel. I wanted to treat Melasma spots on my cheeks but was left with a dark-grey skin shadow around my mouth... READ MORE

Do I Need to Use Hydroquinone on my Skin Before Using Fraxel Laser Skin?

I have light colored but olivey skin and was putting hydroquinone in my skin for about a month. My first treatment begins tomorrow by I lost the... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 4% cream after fraxel for asians. How should I use it?

I just got my first fraxel treatment. I was prescribed with hydroquinone 4% cream. I remember my technician telling me i should apply this ALL over my... READ MORE

I Want to Get Fraxel Laser Done but I Cant Do 3-5 Treatments Now. Can I Get One Treatment As a Boost to Improve my Skin Texture?

I am a student; therefore on a student budget but I can afford to do a treatment now. I had acne which left some pigmentation marks on my skin and... READ MORE

Hydroquinone or Fraxel for acne scar? (Photo)

Hello, I had a consultation in november for Fraxel and the doctor put me under a product called Blanchisse that was supposed to balance my ph, control... READ MORE

Fraxel Dual to Address Hyperpigmentation Caused by Pearl Lite?

I had a Perl lite done in 12/11. I used hydroquinone for 1 mo prior. In 4/12 I noticed light hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. The Perl Lite was done bc... READ MORE

Post-Fraxel PIH on my chest. I have type 3 Asian skin. Will it go away? I'm using hydroquinone 4% every night.

I had stretch marks on my chest. I took one session of fraxel. I hav type 3 asian skin. My chest is covered. No exposure to sun. Its been 5 months to... READ MORE

What Hydroquinone alternative can I use for my face?

After my second fraxel laser treatment, I can no longer use hydroquinone. It doesn't matter the strength. It irritates my skin so badly and it has... READ MORE

Fraxel or hydroquinone? (Photo)

Recently visit a clinic, the doctor suggested me to take obagi (4% hydroquinone) to treat the pigment in my face. But she also suggested fraxel to... READ MORE

Will this scar. Fraxel on indented scar on 4/21/16 (photos)

Fraxel on 4/21 for indented scar It turned brown. Applied 6% hydroquinone lotion. It's now red/pink, raised and shiny I was told to apply silicone... READ MORE

Help, I have hyper and hypopigmentation on my face. Is this plan right for me? (photo)

Hyper and hypo pigmentation skin, my skin therapist suggested me to have 2 micro needling and 2fraxel refine. Plus Obagi nuderm system home care... READ MORE

Do hispanics run the risk of hyperpigmentation when treating acne scars with laser treatments or more sensitive to the sun?

I was looking forward for a fraxel or Dot laser but I have been told that since I'm hispanic that i run the risk of hyperpigmentation. So will I... READ MORE

How to effectively remove sun freckles on forearm after trying hydroquinone? Persist w/ Rx creams or try Fraxel Dual/IPL?(photo)

I've been using hydroquinone 4% and tretinoin 0.1% on my forearms for nearly 2 months to try and fade my sun freckles and they've only minimally... READ MORE

For how long should we be avoiding sun, after using a brief treatement of Hydroquinone 4%?

I've been on Hydroquinone 4% for 4 weeks after having PIH from a laser fraxel treatment. I have olive skin and i've never been sensitive to sun... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use 6% Hydroquinone with RA on Full Face to Fix Pigmentation?

I am from India and my skin color is light brown. I have pigmentation only on my face. I don't go to sun that much so not sure of this is from sun... READ MORE

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