Will this dark-grey skin around my mouth and forehead ever disappear? I had Fraxel more than 2 months ago. (Photo)

I am Hispanic, 45, dark skin, and had Fraxel. I wanted to treat Melasma spots on my cheeks but was left with a dark-grey skin shadow around my mouth and forehead. Used Hydroquinone 3 weeks prior to procedure. Skin around those Melasma spots was an even tone. 10 days after Fraxel -follow-up- asked about the dark-grey skin, said it was going to disappear in 2-3 weeks with hydroquinone 3 times a week. Pre and Post-treatment I have been very diligent about Sunblock. Nothing helps, is getting worse!

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Melasma and Fraxel

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I have consulted so many patients about the best treatment for melasma.  I have had success with Fraxel and Clear and Brilliant but in your type of skin you might have had better success with traditional chemical peels or Cosmelan.  Do you have a before picture to post.  I would recommend you return to your treating dermatologist for guidance or seek out a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Fraxel and Melasma.

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