Breakout + Fraxel Laser

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Can Fraxel Treatment Trigger an Acne Outbreak?

Does the laser trigger a flare-up that was under the skin and waiting to happen? READ MORE

Is a Fraxel laser treatment working even you haven't peeled or gotten brown spots ?

I got my Faxel laser done 5 days ago and the first two days my skin was tight and dry my doctor said after two days I can use my facial cream to... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Post-Fraxel Breakouts?

I have my second Fraxel treatment tomorrow. Last time I broke out 2 days after. Is there a way to prevent or minimize this? READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Seen a Major Cold Sore Outbreak with Fraxel Dual?

I am 45. I have had two PDT (Blu-U w/levulan as well as IPL/V-Beam/Blu-U w/levulan). Both times, my chin broke out in cold sores. It literally looked... READ MORE

Large Pores After Fraxel?

6 weeks after my last of 4 treatments, my face looks terrible. I am breaking out with deep acne and have larger more congested ores on my nose and... READ MORE

How can I treat a small breakout after my fraxel restore treatment?

It has been a week since my first fraxel restore treatment and I have had a small breakout. I was wondering if it would be okay to do a sulfur mask to... READ MORE

Why do I break out so much after Fraxel Laser?

I had two Fraxel lasers (three weeks apart) in a certified plastic surgeon in order to remove my acne scars. After my first Fraxel I had a few... READ MORE

Best oral antibiotic to prevent ACNE Post FRAXEL Laser treatment?

Fraxel Laser treatment Monday (6 days from now). I take spironolactone for acne and I want to BE SURE I don't start breaking out after my Fraxel... READ MORE

I have a minor breakout 1 Week after Fraxel. Is this normal?

It has been a week since receiving my fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. My skin is still pretty rough (which I'm hoping is still normal) but my... READ MORE

Three weeks post Fraxel Dual: Constant breakouts, what to do now? (Photo)

Had first Fraxel Dual treatment 3 weeks ago. 5 days post I had a breakout. That breakout was healing and I had an allergic reaction to a moisturizer.... READ MORE

Can I still get a Fraxel Laser Treatment if I occasionally get 1 to 3 few pimples?

I use to have really bad cystic acne causing me to scar on my skin. I have few breakouts but ive been researching that you cant undergo the treatment... READ MORE

Please tell me how long sudden Fraxel outbreak lasts. 3 days post, can't leave house, 38 years old

Not sure what to do. Doctor prescribed Doxyciclone and Prednisone, along with a topical similar to steroid (but anti-steroidal ingredients), called... READ MORE

Is it common for a patient to experience purging or breaking out after a Fraxel Dual Treatment for PIH? (photo)

I had an allergic reaction to a retinol/bpo product which gave me cystic acne and PIH. I still have occasional breakouts and read that fraxel can... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks post fraxel laser and am still experiencing tingling and burning. Breakouts and loss of pigment normal? Ongoing?

Is ongoing tingling in face Normal 5 weeks after fraxel laser? Should I consider seeing a neurologist for nerve damage ?? READ MORE

Prior to the treatment am I able to just use a tiny little bit of these topicals to keep the breakouts at bay?

I use retin a micro and onexton. Last time I had a fraxel I was on different topicals they told me 3 to 5 days before to stop using them. Although in... READ MORE

Is it possible for my skin to become worse if the fraxel laser level is too high?

I had my third treatment of ipl and fraxel two weeks ago. My skin had a massive break out afterwards. It cleared. I have cystic acne again which I... READ MORE

How to Prevent Breakout After Fraxel Treatment?

50 yo white male. Cystic acne scars on cheeks, temples,neck and pick axe scars. VERY oily skin, large pores. Still have breakouts. Unspecified... READ MORE

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