How can I treat a small breakout after my fraxel restore treatment?

It has been a week since my first fraxel restore treatment and I have had a small breakout. I was wondering if it would be okay to do a sulfur mask to try to calm it down a bit or if that would be too harsh for my skin right now. Also, is it normal for previous red marks to seem more pronounced after the treatment and will these fade?

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Fraxel and acne breakouts

Certain patients break out with acne after Fraxel treatments.  Many patients who develop acne need to be started on an oral antibiotic a few days before the Fraxel treatment.  Some patients can benefit from using a topical antibiotic after treatment.  Please consult with your treating physician about a mask since this might  be irritating.  The redness should fade or might benefit from V-Beam laser to resolve more quickly.

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Breakout after Fraxel

Your skin needs to be checked by your Dermatologist to establish a proper diagnosis. Most commonly could be and acne or folliculitis break, which is treated with mupirocin ointment or diluted white vinegar soaks for 2-3 days + facial clenasing every 12 hours. Also if the post laser cream is too oily or heavy, it could be another cause and needs to be changed to a lighter one. If you have a history of herpes simplex a.K.a cold sores, then a herpes should be ruled out and treated with acyclovir or any other oral antiviral medication at least for 7-10 days.

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Breakout after Fraxel

Hi. do you mean a breakout of acne or herpes? Both of these are common after Fraxel - if the breakout is occiurring a week after the treatment it is likely to be from recovery products recommended for your skin - your should discuss with your plastic surgeon's staff what they would suggest - treatments at a week post therapy will be fine. Temporary redness is also common after Fraxel treatments but thie will not be permanent - the medical grade Fraxel re:store DUAL is the best laser for improving the texture of your skin. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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