Why do I break out so much after Fraxel Laser?

I had two Fraxel lasers (three weeks apart) in a certified plastic surgeon in order to remove my acne scars. After my first Fraxel I had a few breakouts but I had antibiotics and they were down soon. After my second Fraxel a whole bunch of cystic breakouts started to appear on my face and antibiotics won't help this time. I went to my doctor by he didn't help me at all, he just perscribed more antibiotics.Will I stay like that forever? Please help!

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Fraxel laser and acne breakouts

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Fraxel is a great laser for treating acne scars.  If you are continuing to break out after every treatment I would suggest you take a step back and make sure that the cause of your acne is not hormonal.  Your acne needs to be under better control or you might need to continue antibiotic therapy before your treatments.

Fraxel and acne

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If you are having acne breakouts with fraxel then I would think it very important to be on acne treatment before and after your fraxel treatments. A topical retinoid like Retin-a or tretinoin can prevent breakouts and treat clogged pores. Starting an antibiotic before your treatment and continuing for the week after should be very helpful. The fraxel laser disrupts the upper skin layer and induces an inflammatory reaction in the skin - both of which can trigger underlying acne. I always encourage my patients to get very good control of their acne prior to starting any Fraxel treatments.

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