1 Month Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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How Long Does Collagen Take to Rebuild?

Hi! Ive had 2 fraxel restore treatments. My last session was a month ago and I've spaced them around six weeks apart so it's been around two and a... READ MORE

If Your Skin is Still Pink Weeks After Laser Resurfacing, Does That Mean You Are Still Healing?

I'm about 3.5 weeks after I recieved laser resurfacing. My results are very mild so far, but overall I don't notice much of a difference! I know my... READ MORE

Grid Marks After Fraxel Repair? (photo)

I had Fraxel Repair about 3 and a half weeks ago. I'm including a pre Fraxel pic, and and a post one. I'm concerned about redness and blotchiness all... READ MORE

Can I Use 0.1% Pure Retinol ,and a Vitamin C Serum After Month of Fraxel Laser?

HI i had my first fraxel laser a month ago,my skin is nearly back to normal,with a little redness on my cheeks and i just wanna ask you if i can use 0... READ MORE

1 months post op Fraxel Laser, I am left with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Is this normal? (photos)

I got Fraxel Refine on the highest setting on my self inflicted scars approximately 1 month ago. It has finished peeling and now I am left with what... READ MORE

I Had Light CO2 Fraxel Done Under my Eyes. I Am 4 Wks out and Have Hyper-pigmentation when Will It Go Away if Ever?

I asked for the lightest CO 2 Fraxel, because I was worried about hypo-pigmentation. I was red/pink and swollen post op and the pink faded, but I then... READ MORE

One month post procedure and I see more wrinkles and fat loss in my cheeks. What can I do? (Photo)

I had dual fraxel.restore one month ago and i see more wrinkles and fat loss in my cheeks..The settings were 40/6/8..could his treatment cause.it?..Is... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Treatment and Sun Exposure?

I had fraxel laser treatment on my face and went on a hike with my dad today. I wore SPF 30 and tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. I had... READ MORE

I just had one session of fraxel 5 weeks ago. Why is my face still swelling?

I just had one session of fraxel 5 weeks prior to procedure im wondering why my face is still swelling or might confusing with thickness,fatness... READ MORE

Could Chipmunk Cheeks Be Caused by Fraxel Restore?

I had one Fraxel Restore treatment with botox in crow's feet 5 weeks ago.I have the chipmunk look. The "apple" of my cheeks is much lower on my face... READ MORE

I've Had Fraxel + Co2 Session Almost 4 Weeks Ago and Now I Noticed Darker Areas on my Cheeks is It Treatable and How?

I've Had Fraxel + Co2 Session Almost 4 Weeks Ago and Now I Noticed Darker Areas on my Cheeks is It Treatable and How? READ MORE

Hi..I had fraxel dual repair about 4 weeks ago..Will these marks go away ? anxiously waiting... (photos)

I have small pin holes on my face and noticed a considerate amount of small hair growing on my face..there are also four pimples like scars below my... READ MORE

My scar looks much better 1 month after Fraxel, but there is still redness around the scar, will this go away?

Its been a month since my last fraxel secession and my scar on the cheek looks much better now with the exception that the area around the scar has... READ MORE

Is it okay to have Red Light Therapy for anti aging after Fraxel treatment?

A month after a person had 6 treatments of Fraxel, is it okay to start red light treatment for anti aging? READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Severe Burning over a Month Later?

I had Fraxel Restore done twice before on my tzone area for scarring with no complications. I went for my 3rd 7 weeks ago and my doctor did the whole... READ MORE

Malange Peel after Fraxel dual?

I had a fraxel dual 1 month ago and feel that my skin is looking older, and more hyperpigmented, despite the hydroquinone and sunblock. My derm... READ MORE

Noticed Tiny Pinpoint Size Holes On My Face After Fraxel?

It has been 1 month since my second fraxel treatment and I have noticed the development of pin-point needle holes on my cheeks were the laser has hit.... READ MORE

1 Months After Fraxel, Face has Been Very Red with Bumps, Normal?

I had my Fraxel laser 4 weeks ago for acnee scars. I went through all normally steps. But since 3 days ago, my face is very red again, has bumps with... READ MORE

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