How Long Does Collagen Take to Rebuild?

Hi! Ive had 2 fraxel restore treatments. My last session was a month ago and I've spaced them around six weeks apart so it's been around two and a half months total. Question: is there a "sweet spot" if you will on the collagen recovery process where my skin really kicks in with healing/rebuilding itself? I've just noticed it going from great looking to stressed looking and I'm wondering if underneath its trying to build up the collagen and in due time I will see my final results? Thanks!

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How Long Does Collagen Take to Rebuild?

Thank you for your question. For the full effect to be in place, taking into consideration the diversity in response, and how much different the levels of sun damage are, there could be perhaps 6-12 months for the maturity to be there. I do not see any improvement beyond a year. I hope this helps!

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Fraxel Results Last About a Year

Your skin should continue to produce new collagen and rejuvenate itself for up to a year after your last Fraxel session. If your skin is looking stressed, there may be some other cause. I would suggest watching and waiting. If you don't see an improvement after a couple of weeks, please see your board-certified dermatologist to be sure your skin is responding as expected.

William Groff, DO
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