Can I Use 0.1% Pure Retinol ,and a Vitamin C Serum After Month of Fraxel Laser?

HI i had my first fraxel laser a month ago,my skin is nearly back to normal,with a little redness on my cheeks and i just wanna ask you if i can use 0.1% of retinol and a vitamin c ascorbic acid! i'm just really scared of my sensitivity and redness! i will do my second fraxel in 40 days! can i use this two ingredients with sun protection spf 50 all the time?please tell me if my redness will increase or i will actually improve my collagen? thanks a lot

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Retinol & Vitamin C Safe After Fraxel?

 After 30 days of your treatment, it should be fine to use your regular skincare products. You have given your skin sufficient time to heal before doing anything that would cause more sentitivity. If these are products you have used before without irritation, you should be fine. I always suggest that a patient discontinue use of any vitamin A type product at least a week or two before a laser treatment due to the fact that A's can cause photo sensitivity. Ask your practitioner what they suggest in this matter before your next treatment, but in my opinion, using your skincare again now is completely fine.

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