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Forehead reduction (commonly referred to as hairline lowering) doesn’t reduce the forehead, but rather moves down the location of where your hair grows in. Also known as scalp advancement, this procedure may be performed during facial feminization surgery.

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Forehead reduction and brow lift by Doctor Jeffrey Epstein, ENT and Facial Surgeon at Miami, Fla.

Hi All at real self. I thought that I would open a diary/blog to tell you my experience with this forthcoming journey that will involve lifting my eyebrows by Dr Epstein, using a technique known as Trichophyllic forehead brow lift. I shall be describing everything as it happens step by step... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering and Brow Lift- With Expander

I'm 30 and have been self conscious about my forehead since I realized it was huge. It has really taken a toll on my confidence. If I have to ever wear side swept bangs again I will scream. Loud. My brows are also starting to sag and I look mad, so I would like that taken care of at the same... READ MORE

Forehead Bone and Chin Reduction 24 Year Old

WHAT?: Forehead reduction changing also my bone structure plus chin reduction. BACKGROUND: I've been wanting to do forehead reduction for several years and in 2015 I searched for a Dr. Since I live in Argentina I thought it would be hard to find a good one but it so happens I found Marcelo Di... READ MORE

Mid 30s Male Forehead Reduction

I'm a bit late in getting started, so I'll summarize my first several days in one post. Pre-op consultation: I had a video chat with Dr. Aharonov a few months prior. I met with Dr. Aharonov in person for the first time the morning before my surgery, after flying in the night before. We agreed on... READ MORE

Five Head No More! - Beverly Hills, CA

I had been contemplating getting forehead reduction surgery (aka hairline lowering) for as long as I can remember. I would research doctors, look at before and after photos, read stories from people who were struggling with the same issue, and look at my savings account balance to see if I could... READ MORE

34 Yo Male, Forehead Reduction / Hairline Lowering

I have always sought a way to reduce the size of my forehead, but I have never found anything other than Fue or Fut type implants, but both, besides having a very high cost, are more suitable for men with baldness problems, which was not my case. A couple of years ago I saw a report about a... READ MORE

Forehead Reduction - Oakland, CA

My whole life I've been insecure about my forehead. Like many of people here, I can't go swimming, do activities that include the wind and my hair styles are very limited. I'm tired of wearing hats to the gym and I hate it that I can't pull my hair up. I'm finally going to have surgery this... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female, Hairline Lowering, London

Hello! I've decided to start writing a review of my experience as I've read so many other reviews on here that have helped me decide that I definitely want to get this done! I had a consultation with Christopher Inglefield at LBPS in London yesterday and it went really well. Him and Mary were... READ MORE

Only Wish I Had Done This Sooner!!! :) - Chicago, IL

Hi RS Community - First, I will say thank you to all you who have done reviews and been so brave to post your photos and stories. If it weren't for that, I am not sure I would be writing here today. Hope my story can give others the same courage. My story is similar to most here, have... READ MORE

44 Year Old with a New Look at Life - Miami, FL

As a child I was always made fun of for having a large forehead. I've always hated my look. In 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemo. Although many years have passed, I noticed my hair got weaker and for some reason my forehead even looked bigger. I was losing my hair. On Dec... READ MORE

26 year old Hairline Lowering, London, GB

I had my hairline lowering procedure done 6 weeks ago with Dr. Christopher Inglefield in London, and I am soooo happy with the results! He is such a great surgeon and his team made me feel really comfortable during the whole procedure. I haven't experienced any hair loss so far and there is... READ MORE

30 Year Old Forehead Reduction

30 Year old male scheduled for a hairline reduction surgery with Dr. Sheldon Kabaker. I had no idea this surgery even existed up until a few months ago when I came across this site. I choose Dr Kabaker due to all of his positive reviews and his experience as a pioneer with this surgery. As... READ MORE

Spontaneous Forehead Reduction - Beverly Hills, CA

I always had a large forehead, but it didn't bother me much since everyone around me had the same problem. I just learned to live with it and style my hair a certain way etc. About 2 years ago I became obsessed with hiking, running, swimming and it became a problem since my hair would get wet... READ MORE

Permanent Hair Loss (And Regret) After Forehead Lowering Procedure

I want to start by saying that this review isn't meant to discourage anyone from getting this surgery, I just want to share my experience. I hated my huge forehead & there wasn't anything that anyone could have told me to stop me from getting this surgery. My mind was set. Now, I live with... READ MORE

Brow contouring, lift, and hairline lowering in London

Well my project of going under the knife to have a nicer face had to be postponed because I got pregnant. So 4 months now after having my baby, I'm starting again to evaluate my options. I contacted Dr. Capitan from Spain, they gave me an updated quote. I will see Dr. Noorman next month again.... READ MORE

Dr. Spiegel Left a Bump on my Forehead - Boston, MA

The doctor, Dr. Spiegel in Boston, who did the forehead reduction left a huge bump on my forehead. In certain lights and pictures it's super embarrassing. He said it was just muscle and to get Botox. Its bone. Bone he was paid to reduce. It was a forehead contouring procedure where he was... READ MORE

Why Didn't I Know "Brow Lowering/Forehead Reduction" Existed Years Ago? Facelift revision at same time - Salt Lake City, UT

A big shout out to all who have posted about this procedure on this site. At 65, some would say the horse has left the barn and I should learn to live with my massive forehead. Which let's face it, I obviously have -- not happily, but I have. My Mom tried to convince me I needed a giant... READ MORE

Dreaming of a Smaller Forehead

In 3 weeks time I will finally be fulfilling my lifelong dream of having a smaller forehead. I am 27 years old and although I only discovered this procedure about 8 years ago I have dreamt of a miracle since I was a little girl. I am now financially secure to take the next step. I was... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Going for Her Dream Forehead - Oakland, CA

After so many years of contiplating what I dhoukd do with my large forehead and bad side swept bangs to cover myslef, it was time to start researching. I came accross realself and began my journey to find the right doctor. I live in Los Angeles so I felt I had a plethora of surgeons near me. One... READ MORE

Dr.Aharonov Forehead Reduction

Best decision I ever made! No scarring what so ever, feels like I was born with it ! .... This procedure was totally worth it, there was minimal down time and Dr. Aharonov and Faye make you feel right at home. Not only was my forehead reduced but I got a bonus- My hair feels and looks 10X thicker!!! READ MORE

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