Forehead Reduction

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Forehead reduction (commonly referred to as hairline lowering) doesn’t reduce the forehead, but rather moves down the location of where your hair grows in. Also known as scalp advancement, this procedure may be performed during facial feminization surgery.

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Forehead Reduced!!! - Williamsburg, VA

Well started inFeb with face lift, forehead was to high to dog row lift with other surgery, after long talks with PS we decided plan be forehead lift with bringing hair line down to appropriate place to start. I also needed tummy muscles tightened so we decided to do all these things with my... READ MORE

Long Awaited Hairline Lowering!! - Oakland, CA

From as long as I can remember I have prayed for a smaller forehead. I've gone through many moments of wondering if I could "get over it" but have a ways gone back to just wishing it could be smaller. It's been 4 long years of communicating with doctors all over the world, figuring out who is... READ MORE

24 Year Old Hairline Lowering - London, GB

So I had my surgery yesterday. Quite tired at the moment and threw up a lot in the night but am feeling a bit better this morning. Hairline was lowered 2-3 cm. I always had a large forehead and have wanted this for a long time, i feel like it looks better already cant wait for the final result.... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering Surgery, 23, Female - England, GB

So i didn't think i was going to share my story but i thought i would and i know it will help anyone who finds themselves in the same situation -don't worry :) I had surgery on 30th June, i'm 7 weeks post op. Surgery went well and i'm very happy. I had my surgery in London at LBPS, surgeon was... READ MORE

Brow contouring, lift, and hairline lowering in London

Well my project of going under the knife to have a nicer face had to be postponed because I got pregnant. So 4 months now after having my baby, I'm starting again to evaluate my options. I contacted Dr. Capitan from Spain, they gave me an updated quote. I will see Dr. Noorman next month again.... READ MORE

28 Years Old Considering Forehead Reduction and Browlift

As many of you here I have considered this surgery since I knew it existed. When I was 16 I wanted to do the hair transplant and I asked to my mother, but she thought I was crazy for doing this, my parents didn't have a lot of money and it was just a dream for me. When I was in the University, I... READ MORE

Hairline Procedure - Chicago, IL

Typical intro about how I've disliked my forehead for years even though I don't think it is terrible, I do think it is too "tall" for the rest of my face. Every time I take a photo that's the first thing I notice, it's a little too high and throws off the balance of my features. I will provide... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering and Brow Lift- With Expander - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 30 and have been self conscious about my forehead since I realized it was huge. It has really taken a toll on my confidence. If I have to ever wear side swept bangs again I will scream. Loud. My brows are also starting to sag and I look mad, so I would like that taken care of at the same... READ MORE

Excited for This Procedure! - Oakland, CA

I've always been very self-conscious of my forehead. I always wear bangs and I fear getting in the water in public because it will show my forehead. I'm sick of being confined to one hairstyle! I can't wait to not have bangs and not be embarrassed of my full face! So excited. The other reviews... READ MORE

Just Found out About This Surgery - Michigan, MI

I have always been self conscience about my huge forehead so was excited to find out about this surgery! I am 30 years old, I have 4 children and I hate taking pictures with my children because I feel like forehead sticks out so much. But I am also worried about having permanent hair loss. I am... READ MORE

Why Didn't I Know "Brow Lowering/Forehead Reduction" Existed Years Ago? Facelift revision at same time - Salt Lake City, UT

A big shout out to all who have posted about this procedure on this site. At 65, some would say the horse has left the barn and I should learn to live with my massive forehead. Which let's face it, I obviously have -- not happily, but I have. My Mom tried to convince me I needed a giant... READ MORE

26 with an Uneven Widow's Peak

I have been self-conscious about my hairline since the kids in my middle school would make fun of me for having a "bald spot" in my hairline. My goal is to get this procedure done by the end of this year. Dr. Kabaker and Dr. Sidel are who I'm looking to go with to have an advancement procedure... READ MORE

Forehead Reduction - Oakland, CA

My whole life I've been insecure about my forehead. Like many of people here, I can't go swimming, do activities that include the wind and my hair styles are very limited. I'm tired of wearing hats to the gym and I hate it that I can't pull my hair up. I'm finally going to have surgery this... READ MORE

24 Years, Surgical Hairline Advancement - New York, NY

Hi there, so I'm planning to have the surgical hairline procedure done hopefully beginning of November with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. I would love to have some advice, tips, or anything about this procedure or Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. Him and his team have made me feel comfortable thus far and so I want... READ MORE

35 Year Old Wonted a Smaller Hairline - Adelaide, AU

I finally dexited to go and have this procedure with dr Marzola I was very scared and anxious at first when I started investigating this procedure I found Mario with the most experience with this procedure he has been doing this for over 30 years he also specializes with the whole scalp hair... READ MORE

Female Hairline Lowering in October 16 - Adelaide, AU

After a couple of months thinking about this I have finally decided to have my hairline lowered. Anyone with a high forehead will understand the daily struggle of trying to hide it or make it look more feminine. This has bugged me since an early age and I never knew the procedure actually... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering, 25 Year Old Female - Bondi Junction, AU

Hello! I am having this procedure done in July by Dr Nettle from Silkwood Medical in Sydney, Australia. I am a 25 year old female who will be travelling interstate for it. I would love to get in contact with anyone else who is also having the procedure done by him this year, preferably females... READ MORE

Hairline Lowered, Blepharoplasty, Eyebrow Lift, Face and Neck Lift...all in a Day! - Maryland

I had a lifelong complex about my enormous alien-like forehead... but didn't think anything could be done about it, so I suffered under a baseball cap most of my life. Then in my 40's, I started to get bags under my eyes. The forehead/eyebag combo was just not a good look.... so I started to... READ MORE

29 Years Old -Hairline Lowering / Scalp Reduction Under Twilight Sedation Australia- GREAT RESULT - Adelaide, AU

I wanted to write a review, as I have found this platform so helpful in assisting me to make a decision on my procedure. I choose to get this procedure done as I have always been self-conscious about my forehead. I have a genetically receding hairline, which resulted in the top part of my scalp... READ MORE

Countdown to my Forehead Reduction Surgery in September (Cape Town, South Africa) - Medhair, CT

For as long as i can remember I have been self conscious about my forehead. Not only is my hairline too high, but I also have a M-shaped hairline. A very masculine hairline. I've worn braids and wigs etc to hide my hairline. I am ready to feel free. I'm slowly counting down the days til my... READ MORE

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