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Tear Trough Area Lump After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer done in April 2008, and after two weeks, a visible lump formed on my right cheek and a larger bulge on my left side, but it's... READ MORE

Tear Trough Rejuvenation: Fat Transfer or Fillers?

I'm in my late twenties, have had them for 2 years now. It developed due to prolonged lack of sleep. Considering two options: Either a lasting... READ MORE

Fat Transfer in Temples for Lifting Upper Eyelids?

My main issues are tear trough hollowness, moderate upper eyelid hooding, moderate jowling, and lower cheek hollowness (I have very high cheekbones).... READ MORE

How Long Before Final Results from Fat Transfer in Tear Trough Can Be Seen?

I am considering Fat Transfer in the tear trough and I have been told by several doctors that they over correct the area due to the expected amount of... READ MORE

What is LiveFill (R) and Why is It Better Than Your Own Fat or Restalyne for Tear Troughs?

One of the doctors said that LiveFill(R) was better to use in the tear troughs than your own harvested fat. What is LiveFill(R) and is it permanent?... READ MORE

A Twofold Question Regarding Fat Transfer After Restylane to the Tear Troughs

I am 23 and have always had hereditary dark circles caused by tear troughs and very thin lower lid skin. 2 months ago I had restylane done. It did... READ MORE

Fat Grafting with Local Anesthesia - Tear Trough Area

I'll have fatgrafting in tear through. Surgeon will not inject anesthetize liquid in area where fat will be put as this area would then be swollen... READ MORE

OK to Get Fat Grafting 6 Months After Being Injected with Hyaluronic Acid?

I got Juvederm in the upper cheeks, eye troughs, and nasolabial area. It is now 6 months, and I would like to consider a more permanent solution like... READ MORE

Can I Use my Own Fat to Fill my Tear Troughs?

Will fat grafting work to fill my tear troughs? Also what to do about loose skin under the eye? READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Tear Troughs and Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

Hi my name is Lance and i am 27 yrs old and over the past year i have noticed deepening Nasolabial folds and tear troughs with dark circles around my... READ MORE

After 15 Years Fat Injections to my Tear Troughs Are Still Lumpy and Look over Corrected. Do I Have Options for Removal?

After 15 Years Fat Injections to my Tear Troughs Are Still Lumpy and Look over Corrected. I Have Been Told by 4 Top NYC plastic surgeons they cannot... READ MORE

What is the average cost of full face fat transfer?

I want fat transfer to fill in my sunken temples, tear troughs, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and perhaps to make my chin more prominent, and my forehead... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Facial Fat Graft in Colorado

Hello, Thanks in advance for the help. 46 year old man in Colorado, havng a hard time finding a truly experienced, forthright doc (in Colorado) who... READ MORE

Consultation for my teardrop deformity under my eyes? Dose it look like I need a tear trough implant? (photo)

Hello how are you I am a 28 year old African American male I have always suffered from teardrop deformity from a child they are heridetery and it... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Advisable for 23 Year Old for Tear Troughs and Cheeks? (photo)

My doctor said he would use a fat to treat the area. But it seems some doctors really oppose this and prefer fillers. He is a board certified plastic... READ MORE

How long should bruising after facial fat transfer to the tear troughs last?

It's been almost 3 months (March 11th will be 3 months) since I have done my facial fat transfer (cheeks, temples, tear troughs and lateral brow) and... READ MORE

Full Face Fat Graft After Years of Radiesse and HA Fillers?

I had arguably the worst tear trough lines and facial fat loss of anyone in their 20's. Since I have been using fillers I have had great results in my... READ MORE

Fat Injected into Lower Eyelids

A year ago I had lower eyelid surgery. I was not happy with the results in the left eye. My PS adivsed me that I had deep tear troughs, and that fat... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Be Done in the Tear Trough, if Sculptra Was Injected Previously?

I had Scultra in the tear troughs 15 months ago with fantastic results. I then found RealSelf & read all the horror stories of latent granulomas... READ MORE

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