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Tear Trough Area Lump After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer done in April 2008, and after two weeks, a visible lump formed on my right cheek and a larger bulge on my left side, but it's... READ MORE

Lumps After Upper and Lower Eyelid Fat Injections

I had fat injections to upper and lower eyelids (for hollow eyes) in the middle of December. A week afterward, I noticed lumps forming which have not... READ MORE

What Are The Possible Negative Side Effects Of Fat Transfers Under The Eyes.

Hello, I need advice on Coleman fat transfer for the hollow area underneath the eyelids. I am concerned with what can happen to injected fat that... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned with Eye Bags or Puffiness After Fat Transfer?

Two weeks ago, I had fat transfer/fat grafting on my under eye area-primarily on the area at the corner of the eye. This was suggested to me by my... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Hollowed Eyes and Face?

After RF(Radio Frequency) treatment, I appear to have lost too much fat in my eyes and face. My skin is thin and hollowed, my bones are showing.I am... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Without Any Centrifuge?

I had an appoint with my Dr. and he proposed doing a fat transfer to help with depressed scars (which he created doing a botched DeepFX laser... READ MORE

Scar Tissue from Fat Grafting

Hi, Will unsightly scar tissue left after fat transfer dissipate somehow on its own, or would surgical intervention be needed to improve it? Thanks so... READ MORE

Can Fat Injections Around the Eyes Cause Blindness?

An ophthalmologist once told me that fat injections around the eyes, such as in temples, or upper eyes (brow bone area) and lower eyes(underneath area... READ MORE

What Kind of Aesthetic Problems Can Occour Long Term After Fat Grafting?

I'm considering a fat transfer under my eyes but before I undergo any surgery, I would like to consider the possible dangers of this procedure. So... READ MORE

Injected Fat Causing Eye Wrinkling?

In 2005 I had both upper eyelid injected with fat (from the abdomen fat), and they looked puffy afterwards, specially the right eye. Last year I... READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Injection Last in Hips for Someone Who is Rectangular Shaped?

I am rectangular shaped, hence I have flat or no hips. My measurements follow 34-28-36. Is it possible to have fat just inserted into my hips (not my... READ MORE

How common is Calcification after fat transfer? Should I be concerned?

I had a fat transfer in February- and at this point I am worried about certain things that I did not know at the time I got my transfer. I had fat... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause Aging? Can Fat Grafting Be Done 3 Days After Ipl Treatment? What Are the Side Effects of Facial Fat Grafting?

Hi, my face has moderate acne scars since last year, mainly pigmentation without any pitting. In addition, I also lost a lot of fat, especially around... READ MORE

Fat Graft Excision--How is It Done?

I’m 6 years out of fat transfer and seek a fat graft excision. There are lots of info about putting fat grafts in but not taking it out. Can any... READ MORE

I have a discrete fat lumps after fat graft to face. Any suggestions?

Had fat transfer to my bottom cheeks & not happy with the result & want to remove the fat! doctor injected the fat discretely, this lead to fat lumps... READ MORE

Do you recommend fat transfer to face? Any permanent defects affecting the face shape? Infections? Any other serious problem?

Would u recommend patients to do fat transfer to face? Is there any permanent defects resulting from this procedure affecting the shape of the face?... READ MORE

How long will it take to recover from fat transfer to tear trough?

I'm concerned about the recovery time and the swelling. Will the swelling block my nasal passages ? I can't sleep with a blocked nose so just... READ MORE

Will a Fat Transfer work to hide and cover a large blue temple vein?

 ...How long will the Fat Transfer last? there any side effects to doing a Fat Transfer in the temple area? READ MORE

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