Radio Frequency + Fat Transfer

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Is Radio Frequency Effective/capable of Removing Fat Graft? What Are the Downsides?

Done fat graft in August wish to remove the mass on cheek very badly. Is radio frequency fat removal effective to damage or dissolve fat cell? What... READ MORE

Fat Transfer around the nose and chin area - how safe is it? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of fat on my cheeks , all around the mouth and the chin after radio frequency. This make my face look long and when i smile very odd... READ MORE

I have a dent on my thigh from over aggressive radio frequency treatment. What is the best choice to remedy this? (photo)

I have several smaller skin irregularities but the one big dent is the one that really bothers me. I am thinking fat graph? I am hoping there is a... READ MORE

Radio frequency skin tightening after fat transfer?

I had a fat transfer done to face a year and half ago. It did not turn out well and I've since had a couple revisions to remove some of the lumps. My... READ MORE

Transconjunctival fat grafting to repair Radiofrequency induced atrophy around eyes? (photos)

I had 4 RF trx, four months ago. Rapid atrophy around eyes. Deep, circular lower hollow from tear trough around to outer corner. Loss of upper lid... READ MORE

Could a top doctor recommend a top face fat grafting surgeon in London?

I have fat atrophy from an ipl/ radio frequency treatment, and I'm looking to rectify the issue I have. America do have top surgeons but I'm not able... READ MORE

What approach for fat transfer removal under lower eyelid? Any risk micro lipo? RF cannula or just cannula to break it? (Phoot)

1yr trans bleph with fat transfer. At rest, a white line of reflection under certain lighting. When animated, left eye seemed bulky, right eye has a... READ MORE

How big a risk and how common is infection in the face following a fat graft?

I am hoping to have a fat graft following radiofrequency damage . However I don't want to make a bad situation worse. I am very concerned about the... READ MORE

Can Radio Frequency treatment affect Fat Grafted to face or have an effect on swelling at 3 weeks post?

I got fat grafting to lips, cheeks but my top lip still looks very swollen after 3 weeks and 4 days. I just want the swelling on my top lip to go down... READ MORE

Can I use the radio frequency eye device to massage eye bags to reduce swelling faster?

Hi, i am at day 25 after fat transfer to tear trough. My right side is more bulging than left side, and i still feel a bit tight when smile. My puffy... READ MORE

Will radio frequency treatment disrupt my fat transplantation?

I had fat transplantation in my face. When can I resume getting radio frequency on the face; should I avoid the areas with fat; if so, for how long? READ MORE

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