Pregnancy + Fat Transfer

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How Does Pregnancy Affect Fat Grafting?

I am considering Fat grafting to my cheeks, jawline and above upper lip. I am 31 years old and have suffered from major facial atrophy. How does... READ MORE

In Lieu of Rhinoplasty, Can Fat Be Transfered from the Nose?

Hi! I just gave birth going on 6 years ago and during my pregnancy, my skin and body underwent changes. One of the changes was my nose stretched clear... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Fat Transfer if I'm Trying to Get Pregnant?

I want to know if anaesthesia / lipo from the procedure wud effect me if I'm trying to get pregnant. And I am still in mid cycle, so I wouldn't know... READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Pregnancy at the Same Time?

Can i go for fat injection (hope my own fat will not react harmful way) during pregnancy ? I hate the way my face looks with nasolabial folds and... READ MORE

What are the effects of pregnancy on facial fat graft?

Hi! I would like facial fat grafting (vs. Restylane) for volume loss. I will likely get pregnant in the next 5 years & I'd like to better understand... READ MORE

How much is a fat transfer? How much weight do you think I should gain to get the most natural and nice look?

Hi :) I am a 22 year old female , 5'3'' tall my usual weight is 120-125 and I've always been thin and always very into the gym so ive always worked... READ MORE

I'm pregnant and want to do fat transfer?

Hi I am pregnant and I want to do transfer the fat from some places in my body not my tummy. is that will be ok? and couldn't affect the baby READ MORE

Pregnancy effect on face fat grafting?

Hello, I have had a fat grafting operation to my cheeks 8 years ago. Soon getting married and I was concerned if pregnancy will have any effect on the... READ MORE

Pregnant after Fat-Grafting, what are the problems?

What happen if i get pregnant after facial fat grafting (tear troughs) let's say 6 months later.. what are the consecuciences problems? I know that... READ MORE

Does it feel very different this time? I can't feel movement because of the fat transfer

Pregnancy after a fat transfer. Fat transfer was done in February 2016, got pregnant August 2016, Dr says everything okay. I don't feel movement is it... READ MORE

Does future pregnancy affect Fat Transfer results?

I'm in my mid 20s, and I have a very gaunt face (under eye hollows, sunken temples and deflated cheeks).. Im happy with my healthy weight so weight... READ MORE

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